Top 10 most overlooked pitfalls that waste time and how to overcome them now ( 5 min read )


Time wastage is life wastage. Start saving time today

What is here? Today, in this post, we will discuss top 10 most overlooked pitfalls that waste time and how to overcome them when you want to be productive.

You may not know what is eating up your precious time untill you do time audit.

The need to carry out time audit is neccesiteded by clear and emparasing fact that you have not yet achieved your new year resolutions.

You promised solemnly that this year is the year of jubilee.


Infact, you promised that you are going to make a step forward this year.

But what have you done? Nothing, accept wasting time.

Where have you gone?

You have moved no inch towards your destiny.

Is this the right way to go?


A big NO!

This is not how you want things to be!

You do not want to be lazy forever, infact, you hate appearing like a fool now and then.


I know.

 I understand that we are not here to blame ourselves.

We are here to see what we can do!

It is true, it is possible, that we can accept our failure and appreciate that we can do something about it.


We can do something about this shamfull situation.

We can examine where we went wrong with the aim of correcting ourselves.

Without wasting time, we get down to work.

Read the following headlines and procceed to studing them extensively.

Where time allows, read the links for further reading.

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Save journey, my friend!

Here we go…

  1. Worrying about the unknown
  2. Regreating the past
  3. Failing to set goals
  4. Trying to be a master of all trades
  5. Unwillingness to learn
  6. Naturing a know it all mentality
  7. Self pity
  8. Setting low ambitions
  9. Workaholic personality
  10. Procrastinating
  11. Bonus tip; Consulting the chest, instead of the brain

    #1; Worrying about the unknown

    Use your time to chase your dreams.

    If you fear tomorrow, which is obvious, then you should do something today to make tomorrow the one you want.

    There are many things that you should eliminate from your “future developmental plan” Among them, too much worrying.

    Do you think spending your time thinking of your fate will do you any good?


    It won’t.


    Atleast you know!

    So what should you do?

    You should focus on doing what you believe is good work.




    While doing so, do it with all your heart and mind.

    If you bring in all your creativity, experience and determination, there is no way you can be poor.

    Time management is using your God given gift of life in the most productive way to treat yourself, searve God, humanity and to advance the created world.

    Know what you are supposed to be doing and start doing them today. 

    Tomorrow, everything will fall in place.

    #2; Regreating the past

    Do not regreat! You still have time to change your life.

    How do you stop wasting time by not regreating the past?

    • Acceptance; The truth, plain truth, is that it has happen. No crying, no mourning, no anything will save the situation. Accept it and you will be good to move on. You are great because you are sharp enough to realise that not everything will always go your way.
      • Forgiveness; Learn to forgive, wash your heart white for your own benefit. When your heart is pure, your day will be bright and you can focuss on seing new opportunities.
        • Moving on; Let the dead burry there own dead, that is a story now. Focus on writing a new chapter. Write it so neat and clear that those who laughed at your calamity should know that you seave a living God. A God of second chance.
          • Positive revenge; Focus on proving to those who thought you were done that it was just but a beggining of great things yet to come. It is your responsibilty to show that within you is greatness. That can only be proven by your resilliance. Do not waste time lying down there, get up! And move on.

            #3; Failing to set goals;

            Set goals buddy! Time is not on your side.

            How to set goals that do not waste time.

            • Define what success mean to you; Success is different to different people, identify your identity and go for your tastes and prefferences. What your friends, parents, siplings or good neighbour think is achievement may not comfort you. Therefore, go for what your heart loves.
              • Go for what matters; You only need to get it right once in life and you are done. Go for what you know will help you to leave a legacy. Go for what will see you at the top, at the top of the creast. Deal with what will solve your problems once and for all. It will take time to matterialize but when it comes, you will appreciate it as the right way to save time.
                • Outline the steps to your goal; Now that you know what is your life changing project, focus all your strengh in it. You will fail occationally, sometime, you will have to start again. Focus on only this one project for this is the only way you can use your time productively.
                • Scheme your work; At this point, start allocating time to each section of the steps. In doing so, you will want to have time for regreation, time for rest, time for hardwork and time for reflection, planning and meditation. This way, you will last long to achieve the most important aspirations of your life.

                  #4; Trying to be a master of all trades.

                  Focus and become a “Time hack wizard”

                  How to focuss and waste time no more!

                  • Master a skill; You do not need to wonder what to do, master one skill, be so good that the customers or employers come looking for what you over. You waste time wondering what to do, use that time to advance your skills. I mastered public speaking skill. While we are jobless with most youths, I am lucky to be advancing my skill and maximizing my employability chances. You too, my friend, can travel this way.
                    • Define your niche; What sets you unique from the competition? Are you adding new gems to your products? Are you more possitioned to provide more specialised services to your clients? Find it out, and narrow down. It is the narrow road that leads to heaven. In time hack wizard, for example, we are concerned in motivation.
                    • Specialize; To specialize is to be special, if you are the only one who knows the answere, you became prizeless. Once you have found a niche, specialise in a sub-niche. I give motivation, not general motivation but motivation on time management.
                      • Strive to be an expert; You cannot be an expert if you claim to know everything. The world is now shifting to experts. Once you specialise in one area, became go to expert by being the top most sollution finder of specific challenges. For example, I give motivation on time management to busy people. Though there maybe less than hundred time management motivational speakers for busy people in kenya, there is always a need to strive to possition myself as the top most expert.

                        #5; Unwillingness to learn

                        Naftali chirchir is up coming time management motivational speaker

                        How the rich avoid wasting time by always reading!

                          • Avoiding silly mistakes; The admirable rich are the people who do not do simple but deadly silly mistakes like taking part in the rat race, all this, and many more, like those that we have highlighted above, were learned through slow but continuers self-development by way of reading good books. You too can travel this path and be a “time hack wizard” just like them.
                            • Find new short-cuts;Not all short cuts are wrong cut, there are new technologies, new techniques and new medhods of doing things so that you get the desired results in the short time possible and you minimise time wastage to significant levels. It is so encouraging to learn how to reduce your time so that you become a millionaire by 30 instead of 65.
                              • Develop your know-how; If you really want to save time, you should focus on improving your efficiency, to improve efficiency, you will have to re-visit your books so that you gain more knowledge and come back to attack when you are more prepared.
                                • Identify new opportunities; By reading new books in the market, you get to know the new opportunities out there in the market. That is how you will always defend your championship as the industry thought leader.

                                  #6; Naturing a know it all mentality.

                                  You know nothing if you don’t know that you know nothing.

                                  Many opportunities are missed due to resistance to ask.

                                  Money people are poor yet they still count themselves to be wise.

                                  Today, not tomorrow, you are going to make a final decition.

                                  You are going to promise that you are going to change.

                                  That you are going to save a ton of energy and efforts by asking.

                                  If you ask, and hopefuly, keenly listen to the answeres, then you are going to discover new horizons.

                                  How to ask and stop wasting time and opportunities like a silly boy.

                                  • Find a mentor; You see, this is not a memory verse my friend, this is life, this is a chance for you to have the life you want. You have learned the importance of having a mentor countless times but you have done nothing about it. Change your attitude today. Go find a mentor and stop wasting time.
                                  • Ask the right questions; You have a mentor? Then learn how to ask the right questions. Maybe you are building your site, maybe you are launching a company, or you are writing your definitive book. Whatever you are lying your hands on and you do not know how to do it  approach your online mentor and let them know that you are lost somewhere. Be sure to ask specific questions that have specific answeres.

                                  #7; Self pity

                                  Oh! My God, I wish I had started earlier.

                                  I am not like my friend, my family is poor!

                                  Everything that I try falls apart.

                                  My friends are advantaged, they have talents, they have good careers.

                                  Stop it!

                                   Do not accuse yourself. That is wrong.

                                  What is yours is yet to come.

                                  Learn the rules of the game, after learning them, play better than anyone else.

                                  The first rule of the game says that you have to stop complaining, you have to stop blaiming yourself for the past.

                                  This way, the way of learning to forgive what happened yesterday, is how you are going to set yourself free to free higher and higher.

                                  Do not waste more time thinking of the past. Focus on the future.

                                  Medidate on what is yet to come.

                                  Take it as a personal responsibility to shine again.

                                  #8; Setting low ambitions

                                  Set high goals! You still have time to shoot for the stars

                                  The best time management tip that I have learn over time is this; set a worthy goal and spent the rest of your life trying to reach out to it.

                                  What is it that you think is worth your precious life?

                                  Aswere this question, what is it that you want to be remembered for when you die?


                                  I want you to figure this out.

                                  What is that single most important legacy that you want to leave for your family?

                                  Find it today, know it, write it somewhere, memorise it.

                                  If you know what you want to be remembered for when you die, then you will know what to prioritize.

                                  If only you understand the single most legacy that you want to leave behind. Then you will know what to spend your time on.

                                  Do you want to be remembered for watching Tv all day long?


                                  You don’t want that.

                                  Do you want to be remembered for being a village bully?


                                  You do not want that! 

                                  So what is it that you want? 

                                  I take this opportunity to speak to you! 

                                  Yes, this is a conversation.

                                  It is a conversation between me and you! 

                                  It is a conversation between you and your inner self.

                                  We have come to a point where we have to make things happen.

                                  A point where we have to see you fly.

                                  This is the time that you have to sepparare yourself from the group.

                                  I mean, this is the time that you have to take your bussiness to where it belongs.

                                   You have to go to where you belong.
                                  And you know, like I know, that you belong to the top.

                                  #9; Naturing a workaholic mentality.

                                  Just because you are in a rush doesn’t mean you are going to win.

                                  Hold on! 

                                  Stop for a while, see the bigger picture!

                                  Set the right mentality!


                                  Because when you set the right mentality, things will never be the same again.

                                  Stop wasting time with this mind-set!

                                  • Hardwork + priorities = success; Stop burning night oil for unimportant task. Focus on what is really important. Be courageous enough to invest your time in projects that will enable you to leave a legacy even if they are fruitless right now. Keep moving, keep hoping, and in all matters, never lose sight of what really matter.
                                    • Specialisation=Efficiency;Stay on one business untill you are an expert enough, this way, unlike any other time hack in the town, you will be able to produce high quality in less time.
                                      • Experience=Navigation; The more you do something, the more you know the ups and downs and the more the chances of succeeding. It is truely hard to succeed in any single bussiness without failing this days. Those who get it right are the seniour veterants.
                                        • Practice makes perfect; I usef to right fake, infact too fake, articles someday. I kept on writing untill one day, some handful people were telling me that I am a talented writer. After a while, I stoped writing, when I came back, I was reminded how badly I was with my writing. That is when I learned that talent is practice.

                                          #10; Procrastination

                                          Do not leave what you can do today for tomorrow.

                                          When tomorrow comes, it comes with it’s loads.

                                          What is the right way then?

                                          The right way is to take advantage of every opportunity.

                                          Learn this tips and stop wasting time from right now.

                                          How to overcome procrastination and stop wasting time.

                                          • Do what you love;You do not have to do what is hard to succeed! No! That is not true, it can be a culture but not a reality.Start focusing on what is really helpful to you. Start doing what is natural and what comes easily to you! That is how to stop wasting time and stop procrastinating.
                                            • Start early; The best time to plant a tree was the last 20yrs, the second best time is now.This is a common saying that you know. When you start early, then you develop that believe that you are ahead of the game, that way, you feel like doing the same to continue leading, that is how you stop procratinating.
                                              • Aim to the top; See the bigger picture, see how this project is going to change your entire life. Be able to see that you are going to be a different person if you set yourself to finish this project.
                                                • Reward yourself;Congraculate yourself, thank yourself. If you do not celebrate yourself, especially during the early stages of your development, case what? Nobody may be there to appreciate you. By realizing that you are doing well, you tune your sub-concious to like the job and you won’t procrastinate any more.


                                                  We are done!


                                                  I know you want your bonus tip. 



                                                  I will do exactly that.

                                                  Now, we proceed to….

                                                  BONUS TIP

                                                  #11; Consulting the mind, not the chest.

                                                  Learn to meditate and save time

                                                  How to stop wasting time by not outsourcing your thinking?

                                                  • Meditation; Think about the challenge, let it have a place in your mind, just let it queue, allow your mind to work on it. There is nothing that has no sollution, if only you’re courageous enough to wait and to trust yourself enough to belief you hold the answers for this project.
                                                    • Imagination; Do you want to know what the experts say about the power of imagination in creating wealth? Imagine they say that what appear real in mind can be turned to it’s material iquivalence! And you know what? They back this with evidence. Sound amazing? So stop forcing things today and start attracting them.
                                                      • Auto-suggestion; Have you heard of the law of attraction? Are you a good reader of good books like “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill? If you have not learn this law ( in question), and you have not read Napoleon Hills book, then you have to be serious. You are missing alot. Go look for them. This books contains the techniques that will help you attract greatness, wealth, happiness, fame, power and any other noble thing that you want for yourself.


                                                        We are done!

                                                        You, my friend, have learned the top 10 most overlooked things that waste time.

                                                        Do you have another point thst you think should be added into this list?

                                                        Let us know in the comments below.

                                                        Go out there and be a “TIME HACK WIZARD

                                                        Bye! See youuuu…

                                                        Have a blessed week ahead!



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