The key is not in spending time, but in investing it.Here is how! ( 5 min read )

What is here? In this post, a step by step guide on how to save and invest your time the right way is explored.
The key is in not spending

time, but in investing it.” ~

Stephen R. Covey

The following questions will help you to save time and to invest it wisely.

  1. How much time do you have?
  2. Do you use time productively?
  3. How are you using your time?
  4. Are you saving time?
  5. What do you do with saved time?
  6. Do you have free time?
  7. How do you spend free time?
  8. Can you invest that time?
  9. How can you invest it?
  10. Can you account for your time?
  11. Bonus tip; Are you satisfied with your time plan?

    #1; How much time do you have?

    • We all have 24hrs in a day.
    • Everyone have the right to define what to do with their time.
    • Allocate the most important tasks to your 24hr day.
    • You want to fish out the most from your time?
    • Do you have a day jop? Are you a student? Or are you a hustler? Whatever you are. Spread your time well and get the best from your days.
    • You do not want to leave the same year 75 times and say you are old?
    • The way you spend your time will determine the kind of life that you will have in the future.
    • Work hard today so that you can relax tomorrow.
    • Time is not on your side, time is running. Run with it.
    • Let your future self thank you for spending your time well.

          #2; Do you use time productively?

          • It is not enought to be busy, you have to produce the results.
          • We don’t want to know how much time you have been here, we just want to know what you have done. Produce the results!
          • Organize your self in such a way that you get a good return for every effort you apply and for every time you spend.
          • Like stock market. Your success will depend on the profitability of the stocks you choose.
          • Reseach before you dive in, find out if you will get the most from what you want to do.
          • When you are confident that you are doing the right thing, then do it with all your efforts.
          • Be careful, just because you are working doesn’t mean that you are going to be rich.
          • The key is to do it in the right way.
          • Work hard to think before you work hard to actualize.
          • Have breaks, approach the task with skills and you will be cool.

              #3; How are you using your time?

              • You have done your time audit, and you know what you are going to do with it. That is great.
              • The task ahead is going to be done in the right way. Bravo!
              • But the question is, what are you going to do?
              • Are you going back to school? Are you going to start a company? Have you decided to start an internship? Choose wisely and spend your time on what can change your life.
              • Follow projects that have been proven to lead to success.
              • We have seen many succeeding by starting a company. You can try that path.
              • Many people have gone to school and come back millionaires. Maybe your lack is in this specialty.
              • Countless sportmen and women are living luxariously. Try your luck in sports. You may be the next Usain Bolt.
              • But in everything you do, try to specialise and you will realise how that will be the best way to spend your time.
              • Maximize your time by being profesional in what you do.

                  #4; Are you saving time?

                  • The time you spend in your daily duties maybe too much.
                  • By being more efficient and fast, you can save more time that can be used on other things.
                  • There is no need to spend two hours for lunch. You can save time there.
                  • Should you spend two hours waiting for a bus? No! You have to do something else.
                  • Is it wise to sleep for 10hrs? No! You just need 7-8hrs.
                  • This all things are right.
                  • There is no complain on the essence of this priorities.
                  • Our main concern is that they are taking more time than they should.
                  • Focus on reducing your time expenditure on this task and you will have more time to spend.

                      #5; What do you do with saved time?

                      • This, as we have seen, is the time that was supposed to be spend on other tasks.
                      • Now that you have saved them, what should you do with it?
                      • Remember, this time is so short. You can’t do something huge with it.
                      • So what do you do? That is what we want to answere here.
                      • This time can best be use to accomplish small tasks that will prove very useful in the long run.
                      • You can pay your bills while waiting for a bus. 
                      • Your blog can benefit a lot with your time in the bus. 
                      • What about your notes, you can cover a lot of your studies while you are waiting for the office to resume its duties.
                      • What you cover this way may prove to be very benefitial in the long run.

                          #6; Do you have free time?

                          • One way to be really productive is to find time to just relax your mind.
                          • It is expected that your employer is allowing you time to relax.
                          • Or maybe you have your free time after works.
                          • This moments will help you to regain your concentration and to re-energize your will power.
                          • Stop feeling guilty. Sit down and relax. Just leave everything and relax.
                          • The benefits of this are instand. You start to feel the importance and the sweetness of life.

                              #7; How do you invest your free time?

                              • As outlined here. Free time is ment to relax yourself and to do what you love.
                              • But what we should realise is that you maybe loving what is enjoable yes, but is also profitable.
                              • Example; blogging is a lessure activity to me, but case what? It have the ability to change my life.
                              • That is what we call time management.
                              • The ability to accomplish two things at ones.
                              • Unlike multi-tasking. This alone gives you happiness and accomplishment at the same time.
                              • Learn to spend your free time to enjoy yourself to the fullest.
                              • Enjoy youtself to the fullest with a hobby that is rewarding.
                              • How do you nature such attitude?
                              • Starting out. You may find it very tricky.
                              • Keep on doing it untill you condition your mind.
                              • This way, you change a boring task to a passion and a passion into a hobby.

                                  #8; Can you account for your time?

                                  •  Can you account for your time? Are you able to say what you did with your time this year?
                                  • Your to-do list can help you with this.
                                  • By doing your time audit, you will be able to find out what you are good at and what is failing you.
                                  • With that data, you will be able to know the way foward.

                                      BONUS TIP…

                                      #11; Are you satisfied with your time expenditure?

                                      • Are you satisfied with the results of your time audit?
                                      • Change where you can change and improve where you can improve.
                                      • Re-visit your time plan, allocate more time on activities that are most important to you.
                                      • Snatch time from activities that are lagging you back.
                                      • Focus on doing this untill you are confident that you are doing it right.
                                      • When you are comfortable with how you are spending your time, you will be able to do more to maintain that success.

                                          What are some of the questions that you are going to ask yourself to help you invest your time well?

                                          What next?
                                          Go out there and be a TIME HACK WIZARD”.

                                          THANK YOU…



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