The ultimate time management guide; How to start succeeding and never fail ( 5 min read )

What is here? In this post, a step by step guide on how to start succeeding and never fail is examined.

Realize that now, in this moment of time, you are creating your next moment. That is what’s real”.

         ( Sara Paddison )

The following questions will help you to start thinking like a time hack wizard.

  1. What is my Passion?
  2. How can I know my talent?
  3. Do I have a skill?
  4. What do I love doing?
  5. Can I monetize my expertise?
  6. Where do I want to be?
  7. How can I achieve my dreams?
  8. Will I ever quit?
  9. What are my major obstacles?
  10. Do I have apply what I learn?
  11. Bonus tip; Am I in terms with my beliefs?

#1; What is my passion?

  • Nothing can be easier than doing what you are best at.
  • You will need no one to remind you to do it.
  • There is even no need to study about procrastination because you are always there to do it.
  • Do you want to do a best job? Then consider developing a passion.
  • You will have nothing to loose by doing so but great things to show.
  • If you travel that way, then we will not come here again to discuss issues of procrastination  maybe productivity.
  • This is a time that we must go to onother level.

    #2; How can I know my talent?

    • You are wise if you stay around here untill you idendify your talent.
    • Don’t mind of the passage of time, just hold on untill you find out were you should be heading.
    • Will you be a business man or an attoney?
    • The answere depend on what you were ment to be doing.
    • That very moment that you get to be certain of your purpose is the same time that you are almost done with this journey.
    • The greatest part of your journey is in the seaching.
    • Seaching for your talents and what to specialise on.
    • Getting your address before you start is the way to manage time.

      #3; Do I have a skill?

      • The time that you spend looking for employment can be far much more than the time that you could use developing your own business.
      • If you are steady and industrious enough, you can develop a business that is rewarding than your future career.
      • Take time to learn and develop a skill that is irrisistable.
      • A skill that can take you to places that you never imagine before.
      • That is the best way to invest your time.
      • You will never regreat having spend time learning a skill.
      • That is the only way that you can ever be rich bytheway.

      #4; What do I love doing?

      • You are wasting time if you spend it looking for money but not enjoying yourself.
      • The best way around this is to set into doing a project that is actually your hobby.
      • In time management, as we have always sayed, is using your gift of life to advance and to treat yourself.
      • You can’t be considered a victor if you became a millionaire in expence of your family and your health.
      • We have seen great men becaming that great with a smile on their face and a jubilation in their hearts.
      • All we say here is that you too can travel that way.

        #5; Can I monetise my expertice?

        • Now that you are doing what you love and what can make you happy, the question is, how are you going to make money from it?
        • What are you going to add into this hobby to make it a business?
        • Are you going to be more serious in what you are doing?
        • What are the strategies and techniques that are in place to assist you.
        • Having a skill in the area of your hobby can be a great accomplishment.
        • Making money from the combination of the two is a very creative way to manage your time.

          #6; Where do I want to be?

          • Do you know where you belong?
          • Where do you see yourself in the next five years? What about the next ten years?
          • Have you planned for this journey adequately?
          • To manage your time effectively, you will have to ensure that every step that you take is leading you that way.
          • When you know where you are heading, you will easily decide which routes to take, which opportunities to accept and which people to work with. All this will help you to be more efficient.

            #7; How can I achieve my dreams?

            • It is possible that you can achieve your dreams.
            • All you need to do is to have a plan of action and the right attitude.
            • You should spend a considerable time in the planning stage so that when you set off, there will be no stoppage.
            • But that should not call for overthinking.
            • No! Just do enough thinking and get down to work.
            • You manage time effectively by following a plan than not.
            • To be really productive, you must make your plan actionable.

              #8; Will I ever quit?

              • There is no need to start a journey that you know you will quit.
              • Focus on what you have made your priority. 
              • Be productive with your life by managing your time more efficiently so that you hit your target.
              • In case you fail, do not run away, live to fight another day.
              • As we have said, quiting is a sure way to waste the time that you have invested.

                #9; What are my obstacles?

                • Pre-determine your obvious obstacles before you start.
                • This can be possible only if you are focused.
                • There are people who have travelled this path before, learn from them.
                • Having a mentor is a very good way to be efficient.
                • A mentor will help you to avoid major obstacles and on how to deal with them.
                • If you are really serious about time management, then go find a mentor.

                  #10; Do I apply what I learn?

                  • It is so interesting how people spend alot of time in school and never apply anything.
                  • You know how the stock market work but you complain of what to invest in.
                  • The time that you stayed in that colledge should not go free.
                  • Find out how you can use the skills that you get to further your life.
                  • There are many people who are as good as not having gone to school.
                  • You are not being productive if you read this post and never apply any concept. It would have been good not to come here.
                  • It doesn’t matter the level of your education, all that matter is the amount of knowledge that you use.
                  • To be even more efficient, you should start using those skills even when you are still in school.

                    Bonus tip…

                    #11; Are you in terms with your beliefs?

                    • What do you belief?
                    • Is what you are doing in harmony with what you belief?
                    • What do you consider to be a good work?
                    • This are the questions that you have to answere before you move on.
                    • Do what you belief, focus on quality. Give your best and move on.

                      What question are you going to ask to stay more organised this week? Tell me via acomment.

                      Go out there and be a TIME HACK WIZARD”.

                      Thank yuuu…


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