Top 10 less known ways to manage time ( 4 mins read )

What is here? This post explains the top 10 less known ways to manage time.

The following questions will help you to know how to manage time.

  1. Do you wear a watch?
  2. Do you have routines/habits?
  3. Have you set priorities?
  4. Are you focused?
  5. Do you concentrate?
  6. When will you relax?
  7. Have you done your exercise?
  8. Which club do you play for?
  9. Are you trained?
  10. Do you go out?
  11. Bonus tip; Have you payed your time depts?

    #1; Do you wear a watch?

    • How on earth can you claim to be managing time when you have no watch?
    • I understand that you have a smart phone.
    • But you cannot replace a watch with a phone.
    • When you wear a watch in your hand. It will searve as a constant reminder that you need to track your time.
    • I advise that you buy a really expensive watch.
    • Why?
    • This will have an impact on your psychology.
    • Whenever you look at your watch, it will remind you that you made a huge sacrifice to have it.
    • You will not be comfortable to see your money going into wastage.
    • If possible. Buy that watch from your time management consultant.
    • The advantage of this is that when ever you see that watch, it remind you of the most important concepts that your coach teach.

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          #2; Do you have routines?

          • It is obvious that if you keep on doing one thing for a long time, it becomes easy and enjoyable.
          • Master the basics, get to know the in and out of what you do. That way, you become a nerd.
          • You will be suprised at the amount of time that you will have in your disposal if you do it that way.
          • The work becomes easy so that you can do more in less time.
          • This way, you can produce huge quantity and quality in less time.
          • And that is what we call productivity.

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                #3; Have you set priorities?

                • What are the single most important projects of your life?
                • Have you allocated enough time to this projects?
                • Being busy the all day is never the way to go.
                • I was doing a simple reseach and I realize that sometime the most poor people are the most busy.
                • Get me clearly, I am not advocating for lazyness, no! I want you to be busy doing the right things.
                • Therefore, allocate enough time to the things that have big weight in your life.

                  #4; Are you focused?

                  • Move toward a specific goal, make sure that every step is taking you that way.
                  • Fight to achieve your goals. Sthrive to attain your target.
                  • Your work in this life is to matterialize your main goal.
                  • Other things are secondary if they are not a waste of time.
                  • Don’t stay there wondering what next. Get down to work without overthinking.

                    #5; Do you concentrate?

                    • Concentrate on what is valuable to you.
                    • Do not multi-task.
                    • You waste your time by multi-tasking.
                    • You want to be a master of all trades? That is wrong. You will end up failing.
                    • Conduct yourself in the most wise way.
                    • That, you achieve by doing your work with all your mind, soul and heart.
                    • Be at your work place with your mind.
                    • It is better to concentrate for few hours and spent the rest of the time wondering around.

                      #6; When will you relax?

                      • So you have been busy the all day?
                      • Do you thing that is the way you are going to be a tycoon?
                      • You are cheating yourself my friend.
                      • Relax, have a break before you break.
                      • This life is not all about working. If you succeed this way, you will still be looser because you never get the meaning of life.
                      • Therefore, you have an equation that you must balance.
                      • You must balance your work with your life.

                          #7; Have you done your exercise?

                          • There is no way that we can discuss time management without mentioning productivity.
                          • To manage time well is to be productive.
                          • Productivity is directly linked to good health.
                          • Exercising will make your body more healthy and therefore more productive.
                          • This issue will only concern the rich. And those people who are doing white collar jobs.
                          • For the hustlers, they always exercise as they walk to the office and as they do their casual duties.
                          • There is no need to make your blessing a curse.
                          • Do not stay in that office untill you develop diabetic or any other related complications.

                              #8; Which club do you play for?

                              • They say that all day work with no play can make you a zombie.
                              • It was recently that I realised that those who own the world are very good players.
                              • What about the poor man? They are always busy. They are running up and down.
                              • And what is the reason for this.
                              • Here, the reason is very simple. The poor man is running a rat race. Even if they win, they are still rats. 
                              • So what should the poor man do?
                              • The poor man should not stress himself. He has less to do to succeed.
                              • He just have to change the direction. Period!
                              • So you see, it is not a big issue.
                              • The poor just have to focus on doing the right things like having time to play.

                                  #9; Are you trained?

                                  • Do you have the know how or are you using trial and error?
                                  • There is alot of opportunities that you are loosing by being uneducated.
                                  • You are loosing the opportunity to finish the task in a short time.
                                  • The quality of your goods are low.
                                  • That promotion may have been yours.
                                  • You see, you are working hard and long hours but you are not being promoted because you have no papers. Is that not time wastage?
                                  • Will you be brave enough and face the reality?
                                  • The reality is that the cost of going back to school and the time you will spend up there will be less than the time that you would have otherwise waste around here.

                                  #10; Do you go out?

                                  • We can’t underate the importance of going out for outings.
                                  • It refreshes your mind and makes you more alart and active.
                                  • Do you want to wash away all the work stresses?
                                  • Do you want to start again with a fresh mind?
                                  • Then consider going out for a walk.
                                  • Maybe you will need to walk alone, maybe you will need a friend or your bet.
                                  • Whatever it is, choose and go leavarage that opportunity.
                                  • Find out if you like morning, afternoon and or evening walks.
                                  • You may decide to run, to walk or to do both.
                                  • Whatever you choose, make sure that it suits you and your schedule.

                                      #11; Have you payed your depts?

                                      • Have you ever feel how disconected you are when you have not finish a task?
                                      • You feel frastrated and out of control.
                                      • This mental instability will be reflected in the way you accomplish other tasks.
                                      • You will be slow, sluggish and lazy.
                                      • Like financial depths, you will have sleepless nights.
                                      • Finish your tasks on time, stop procrastinating.
                                      • Focus on doing tasks as they come.
                                      • Do not put for tomorrow what you can do today.

                                        I would like to know in the comments if this article have helped you to be in control of your life. 


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