Time management tip; Prioritize and be a nerd.Here is how

What is here? In this post, you will learn how to manage time by prioritizing your tasks. “If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got”. Lee Iacocca Try to answere the following question so that you can be inspired to prioritize and save time.

  1. What is its long term effect?
  2. What are the consequence of not doing it?
  3. How urgent is the task?
  4. How valuable is this to you?
  5. Can you elliminated or delite it?
  6. How much effort do you need?
  7. Have you allowed for flexibility?
  8. What are your responsibilities?
  9. Whose priority is it?
  10. Have you specify?
  11. Bonus tip; Have you turned off distractions?

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      #1; What is it’s long term effect?

      • Whenever you have to make a decition, focus in seeing the big picture.
      • Invest your efforts and creativity to the most profitable assignment.
      • If you become too shalow in your sight you become shalow in your insight.
      • Practice the confidence to focus in that one project that will make you a hero one day.
      • Do not mind the problems of today and tomorrow.
      • Rather, smile on your greatness. To say no to many opportunities in order to focus on that final life difining project is your greatness.
      • To refuse to focus on urgent things to target the really important things even if it mean paying the prize is huge victory.
      • Don’t think you are wasting time, think you are traveling the path less travelled.

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        #2; What are the consequence of not doing it?

        • Do not feel sorry for yourself for streamlining your life.
        • There is no deadly consequence for doing so.
        • Therefore, focus your efforts to what you belief is noble work and stop looking back.
        • That is how all this tycoons happened to own that name.
        • Everybody can be a winner no matter your story of yesterday.
        • We are defined by the dirrections we take in life and honoured for the obstacles that we overcome a long the way.
        • Move on, every positive thought will count, every hardwork will pay.
        • Be productive by being pro-active.

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          #3; How urgent is the task?

          • There are tasks that “must” be done even though they are not life-changing.
          • In such cases, focus on urgency.
          • Follow cronological order.
          • That is, complete the task as they come.
          • The leading principle here is not to do tomorrow what you can do today.
          • Time dept is one of the greatest ways to disorganise your life and hence loose focus.
          • Organise yourself. And be a time hack wizard.

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          #4; How valuable is this to you?

          • You waste a great deal of time if what you value the most is the advice of other people.
          • This is your life, it is your time. Know what to do with it and get the most from it.
          • Do not waste time doing what will impress others, focus on what impresses you.
          • Do well on things that you know is worth your time and efforts.
          • All this investments is all about you.
          • Own your sences and do not outsource your thinking.
          • If you fail. Then fail as you.
          • You spend your time well if you spend it doing what is meaningful to you.

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          #5;Can you elliminate it or delite it?

          • You better spend your time enjoying yourself playing than to struggle with tasks that are worthless.
          • When you realize that the project is not worth your efforts. Then you have the right to delite it.
          • Do not be a held captive of your own limitations.
          • There are things that have proven to be unproductive in your life. Be strong enough to cut them off.
          • Your grandparents did this, your parents traveled this path. The truth is, they never changed their lives.
          • It is not wise to do the same thing day in day out and expect different results.
          • Courage is the sollution here. Have courage to go your own way and faith to belief you are doing the right thing.
          • Circles of poverty emarnates from circles of unproductive things.

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          #6; How much effort do you need?

          • Find out if you are strong enough to accomplish the work at hand.
          • Different tasks call for different sacrifices.
          • Are you willing to pay the prize? Are you ready to invest the time needed?
          • It is a waste of time to do what you know you will not be able to finish.
          • Go for what you know you have the ability to accomplish.
          • You are not wise if you over estimate what you can accomplish.
          • Be courageous enough to accept that people are different.
          • There are those things that you can do with a lot of ease and there are those that demand a huge deal of hustle.
          • Do not hustle too much when you can go for what comes naturally.
          • Ignite your flame with less friction.
          • Salvage your life by doing what best suits you.

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          #7; Have you allowed for flexibility?

          • You have writen your to-do list. right?
          • Everything is in place. You know what follows what and the importance of each of this tasks in realizing your major goal.
          • While that is good, you can make it excellent by allowing room for flexibility.
          • What about if your auncle calls in?
          • Will you nulify your all list?
          • Have long breaks in your list that will help to off-set such pressures.

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          #8; What are your responsibilities?

          • You can elliminate most of the tasks when you are your own boss.
          • But what about when you are depending on a paycheck?
          • My friend, you will have to be not only careful but extra careful.
          • Learn the responsibilities for which you were employed to do and prioritize them first.
          • You can considere the level of priority your tasks demand but you have to follow the provition of your terms of contract if you are employed.
          • In case you know what your employer needs of you, and you know that they do not demand certain chronology, then, prioritize to finish the task in a way that fits you the most.
          • This is not to mean that you don’t have to organise your time.
          • Take your company to the next level ( if you have one ) by prioritizing your task.
          • What is your role is this company? What have you outsourced? What are you left with?
          • Ones you have identified what remains for you, plan to accomplish it in the best way possible.

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          • Some people are very busy trying to blease others.
          • My friend, you were not born to blease any one.
          • You were born to treat yourself and to do a good work that makes you and God happy.
          • Other things are secondary.
          • Therefore, focus on your primary responsibility.
          • Your responsibility is to make real the deapest aspirations of your heart.
          • Schedule your days to reflect what you stand for.
          • Do you represent high performance? Then, roll up your sleeves and get down to work.
          • Work on your innitiatives, that is how you will surface your criativity.
          • By doing what concerns you, by minding your own business, you manage your time effectively.

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          • You do not have to know everything to succeed but you do have to select the basics.
          • We have seen great business men investing in a wide range of products.
          • If this people were to know the ins and outs of all these trades, they would have not made it.
          • Be selective, prioritize less and focus on those.
          • They say; do less, accomplish more.
          • Go with that phylosophy.
          • When you go out shoping for priorities, pick just a few.
          • Pick one niche, one product and one hobby.
          • Focus on this with all your heart.
          • Go with that. Why? Because that is the way to go.

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            • After you have prioritised, you need to switch off distractions.
            • Is there anyone who is calling in now and then?
            • Are you obsessed with social media?
            • What about the Tv and the news?
            • Do you like following all the cellebrities?
            • Take a time audit.
            • Find out how you spend your time.
            • Focus on zipping the time pittfals.

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            What are some of the questions that you are going to ask yourself to prioritize better? Let me know in the comment!

            Otherwise! Go out there and be a “TIME HACK WIZARDThank you.



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