You are lying; you don’t know time management if you don’t know this. ( 5 min read )

What is here? In this post, the main concepts in time management is highlighted and discussed in details.

“My favourite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time” Steve Jobs

The following are the top 10 best time management concepts that those in the millionaire club  know.

  1. Productivity; How to invest your efforts in such a way that you get the best results?
  2. Procrastination; How to avoid postponding tasks and start to accomplish them as they come?
  3. Focus; How multi-tasking can make you rich or poor?
  4. Priorities; How to differentiate urgency and importance?
  5. Declutter; How to be organised and accomplish more?
  6. Efficiency; How to produce huge quality in less time and effort?
  7. Distractions; How to stay focused throughout the day?
  8. Schedule; How to write a to-do list that works?
  9. Outsourcing; How to outsource and be a source?
  10. Routines; How to set succesful routines like Barrack Obama?
  11. Bonus tip; Habits; How to nature habits  that can make you succesful.

      #1; Productivity; How to invest your efforts in such a way that you get the best results?

      • We study time management because we want to get the best from every efforts and every second that we invest in our work.
      • You want your efforts to yield huge results and in less time?
      • I mean, you want to hustle less while climping the largest mountains of life?
      • Do you wish to drive when you are old? 
      • There is no need to be successful when you are too old.
      • Why?
      • Because you may not be able to enjoy the fruits of your struggles.
      • Therefore, you “must” make sure that every year is a success to you.
      • You must ensure that every moments of your life counts.
      • To achieve all this, then you have to be creative.
      • You have to see beyound the urge to engage on manual, menial,  tasks.
      • Most of the “manuals” are menials, they will never make you wealthy. They are nothing but circles of poverty.
      • Be confident enough to develop and hone a skill.
      • While developing it, always remember that there are tasks that can make you succesful while there are others wich will not.
      • Be productive by being pro-active. Engage yourself deeply in what you do.

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          #2; Procrastination; How to accomplish tasks as they come?

          • Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.
          • Start doing your tasks as they come.
          • While working on them, make sure that you accomplish them.
          • Half done work is worst than undone work.
          • Run to the finish line.
          • Don’t wait for the right opportunity. start small, let the right opportunity find you somewhere.
          • Focus on the task at hand so that you don’t intefere with the tasks of tomorrow.
          • That is how you reduce stress and strain.
          • Ask yourself the reason for postponding a task. Is it because you are bored? Or is it because the task is too difficult?
          • When you break task into small pits and finish each pit at its own time. You will feel in control of your life.
          • Remember to set time limits for every tasks on your plate.
          • Work will always expand in propotion to the time available.
          • Be discipline, committed and proffesional in your work.
          • Reward yourself for every work well done.

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                #3; Focus; How multi-tasking can make you rich or poor?

                • Multi-tasking means that the mind is switching from task to tasks from time to time.
                • Focusing on few task will help reduce the amount of decitions that you have to make daily.
                • Some experts discourage multi-tasking while others are great funs.
                • It depends, there are instances that you need to multi-task and others you don’t need to.
                • I want us to make this all thing clear.
                • When you are doing a routine task, you can multi-task.
                • Incase of a complicated task,  thou shall not try multi-tasking.
                • Scurrying from task to task will surpotage your productivity.
                • You can cook while chatting. That is okay.
                • There is no way you can chat while driving.
                • These things are common sence. You can’t be a master of all trades.
                • Break complex projects to manageable bits and eat the all elephant one piece at a time. But in all matters, don’t forget which elephant you are eating.
                • Find an industry that you can surface the best of your talent and be a distinquished proffesor there.
                • You have to be seasoned before you master the essentials.
                • It needs be, then be a meverik, if needs be, then be stubbourn, provided you know what you are doing.

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                  #4; Priorities; How to differentiate urgency and importance?

                  • Remember the 80/20 rule, that 80% of the work that you do contribute only 20% of the value of all work.
                  • If you keep on doing urgent things, you will end up in eternal poverty.
                  • What has made some people madly rich is there ability to focus on important priorities.
                  • You have to know what will change your life then you have to start traveling that path.
                  • That is how to manage time effectively.
                  • difine the purpose of your life
                  • Avoid all the distractions and work on that project that you know you were born to be doing.
                  • The truth is, you can’t do without urgent task.
                  • List your tasks in categories.
                  • Say, important, fairly important and must do.
                  • Start from those tasks that you must do, failure in which will land you into seriours long time consequences.
                  • Proceed to important tasks, this are those tasks that help improve your life.
                  • Wind up with fairly important tasks; this are the routines that you do everyday that makes life going.
                  • Therefore, learn to balance, schedule your tasks in such a way that it takes account of all these.
                  • In all cases, focus in learning the essentials and doing the basics.
                  • Reward yourself for work well done, this will condition your mind to always want to do a good work.
                  • Just have a handful of tasks and focus on them. Too much todos will force you to rush over task and thus producing low quality and you feel very overwhelmed.

                    #5; Declutter; How to be organised and accomplish more?

                    •  Are you suffering from forgetfulness?
                    • You can’t remember where you kept your keys? You are not sure of the date of the meeting?
                    • Don’t be that confused, relax, just take a deep breath, and come back to life.
                    • Take control of your life. 
                    • Organise your day, know what this day represent.
                    • Remove all the tools that you are not going to use today or right now from your desk.
                    • When you declutter your working desk, you make it easy for you to concentrate.
                    • Store your keys and other tools that you use reccularly in one place.
                    • Make it a personal commitment to put everthing in it’s place.
                    • You don’t have to hustle looking for them when you need them. You just pick them where you normally leave them.
                    • Write down your important business and daily plans on a book. This will ensure that you always remember what awaits you.
                    • Budget your time to reflect your important responsibilities.
                    • Dedicate time for every work.
                    • Remove all those task which were not allocated to a certain time frame.

                      #6; Efficiency; How to produce huge quality in less time and efforts?

                      • We are not saying that hardwork is wrong.
                      • Our main point of concern is that you have to waste no 

                        #7; Distractions; How to stay focused throught the day?

                        • It is estimated that interuptions can cost you 6 hours a day.
                        • interuptions and information overload cost the world economg 28billion a year.
                        • Indicate those extra work that gets into your to do list besides the list.
                        • This will derive more joy when you will be re-viewing your list on sunday.
                        • Perfectionism is another distractor.
                        • Avoid time wastage by overcoming reductancy.
                        • Give the best ( not the perfect ) fashion of your work and move on.
                        • Waiting time can be a huge distractor, learn to accomplish minor tasks like replying emails or reading when you are queing.
                        • Sleep well to avoid tiredness and dosing during the day.
                        • As we have always sayed, 7-8 hours of sleep are enough.
                        • There is no way around this, the environment that you work on needs to be condusive.
                        • Shut off social media and phone when you are not using it.
                        • Work on a task to done. Leaving a task mid-way to do something else then coming back will waste a lot of time.
                        • Learn to say No!
                        • The time is yours, use it to your advantage.
                        • If you value your time, others will do the same.
                        • Time bandits ( those factors that help you waste time ) are yourself, your friends and your managers.
                        • Choose your friends wisely, interact with people who yearn for the best, people who want more. This are people who will add value rather than sucking your preciours time.
                        • To off-set distractions, allow time for flexibility. Short and long  breaks can searve you better in this matter.
                        • Sometime, a task may take more time than expected, that is an issue that just have to be addressed.
                        • Lock yourself in a room, work on your most important tasks, when you are done, you can come out. A hero.
                        • Work during the weekends, schedule/push the work that was interupted to your weekends. This will ensure that you have no time dept. Just like loans, time debts have interest. The more you stay with it, the more you will have to pay.
                        • See the big picture but focus on the bits.
                        • Worrying/anxiaty is a serious time destractor.
                        • Don’t focus on your failures.

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                            #8; Schedule; How to write a to-do list that really works.

                            • According to research, you increase your productivity by 25% when you work with a list.
                            • To schedule is nothing but simply re-arranging your work.
                            • Draw your master calender for the year during the start of the year to help you focus on the priorities of that year. 
                            • As we have mentioned in this post. Large projects should be broked down into manageable bits.
                            • Schedule the bits for the all month and spread them into the four weaks of the month at the beggining of that month.
                            • On sunday evening, write down the work to be done on that week.
                            • Imediately before you go to bed, write tomorrows to do list.
                            • Try to be thoughful, think, use your mind. There is a different between you and a robot. You can think, you can identify what need to be elliminated and what needs to follow what.
                            • Scheduling will help you to do the first things first.
                            • This way, you will be much faster in accomplishing your tasks.
                            • Can you automate? There are countless tools that can help in prioritizing your work and for focussing major processes.
                            • Calender, to do list and records of work, are some of the tools that you “must” have to focus your days well.
                            • Plan your week on sunday.
                            • This will help your workflow, you will transition from task to task without notable difficulty.
                            • Schedule your most creative task on tuesday and wenesday. Set the tone on mondays with routine tasks.
                            • Accomplish the hardest and most challenging tasks early in the morning.
                            • Understand yourself.  People have different times when they are most productive. Schedule your work to suit this. Are you an early riser? Then focus your task in the morning. Are you a night owl? Then prioritise to  have a lot of homework.
                            • Accept the fact that you are not a machine. You are a human being who need time to rest and time to re-energize. Your schedule should allow for short and long breaks.
                            • As a social being, plan to take your meals while you intract with your friends. That way, you kill two birds with one stone. You are socialising and taking meals.
                            • Batch similar tasks together, answere emails while you are updating your facebook and twitter account. Allocate time for social media and do everything in there. 
                            • When you go shopping, remmember to grocery shop. Shop in bulk and with a plan. Schedule to shop ones in week.
                            • Do you have a fridge? Then, cook your food in bulk.
                            • It is not wise to travel during the rush hours, you may end up wasting a lot of time in traffic jams, why should you go shopping during the pick hours? You will end up paying more and wasting more time. Pay your cheques on time and avoid killing your life. 

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                              #9; Outsourcing; How to outsource and be a source?

                              • Reach out for help on the task that are routine and those that you can’t handle by yourself because of lack of enough skills.
                              • Today, with more proffesionals working from anywhere in the world, the process of outsourcing is very easy.
                              • Have time for family, hobbies and re-creation. That is what we call work life balance.
                              • In our today economy, you can’t beat the competition if you don’t provide high quality services. When you outsource, you get quality work and more time to focus on what you are an expert.
                              • You can outsource to external proffessionals or to your internal workers.
                              • Learn to utilize other people’s talents and skills. That is how people happen to be world figures. They know how to deligate efficiently and how to reward the best talents with opportunities.
                              • Determine the core values of your company and your strengths and weeknessess.
                              • This will help you to identify tangential processess to outsource
                              • The more you succeed, the less you need to wear different hats as an entrepreneur.
                              • Work with people, let them know what you stand for. If people know your core values and vatues, they will held you accountable and you will have no other option but to focus in delivering your promises.
                              • This does not meant that you underate self reliance. You are the manager as the project is your brain child.
                              • Outsource so that you can focus in generating more income.
                              • By outsourcing, you can double your income.
                              • Find the right time to outsource

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                                #10; Routines; How to set successful routines like Barrack Obama?

                                • Routines will help you to remember what is expected of you and at what time.
                                • This will aid your understanding of what is expected next.
                                • Your mind will be ready to switch between tasks.
                                • Colleques will know your routines and will not intevere with you.
                                • Doing all this will help you to understand how to improve the routines along the way.
                                • Get to the habit of doing one important tasks again and again until you automate it.
                                • Work on the same place where possible.
                                • Follow the same order.
                                • Develop an efficient morning routine
                                • Come up with a focused evening routine.
                                • Decide on the tools that you must be carrying around. Other carry tissue papers around, while that is important, consider coming along with a pen an a notebook.
                                • Befor you start a task, get into the routine of asking why? 
                                • Master that one thing that will enable you to be featured in your local Tv/radio station or magazine. Be an expert in that one niche that will enable you to be a published author.

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                                  Bonus tip;

                                  #11; Habits; How to nature habits that can make you successful?

                                  • Consistency is good for time management.
                                  • It takes 66 days to develop a habit
                                  • 90% of our daily activities are made up of habits.
                                  • Give priority to lifestyle habits that make you more productive and with more energy.
                                  • Understand yourself; be engaged with high priorities when you are active and concentrate on less demanding tasks when you are dormand
                                  • Stick to your sleep routine. 
                                  • Wake up at the same time
                                  • Set goals
                                  • Follow a roadmap
                                  • Meditation
                                  • Aply promodoro technique; Work for 25 minutes and break for 5 minutes.
                                  • Focus on one habit at a time
                                  • Avoid distractions by working with a reminder.
                                  • Learn from the mistakes of others and avoid falling into obvious traps.

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