How to boost your efficiency; top 10 time management tips that have worked for me.

What is here? In this post, you will learn how to boost your efficiency with the top ten time management tips that worked for me.

You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction. [ Alvin Toffler]

The following questions will guide you to understand how you can boost your efficiency and effectiveness hence saving you atleast 6hrs daily.

  1. Can you find answeres from google?
  2. Do you read blogs and books?
  3. Do you have a place to keep your experiences?
  4. Do you research before you start?
  5. Have you asked the experts?
  6. Do you listen to the news?
  7. Do you do the right thing at the right time?
  8. Do you take one step at a time?
  9. Have you set a time that you spent alone.
  10. Have you set goals?
  11. Bonus tip; Are your goals smart?

    #1; Can you find answeres from google?

    • Today, thanks to google, you can find answeres to almost everything that you want to learn.
    • Without a huge hustle, you can key in the “problem” and in a matter of seconds, you get the solution.
    • I never knew anything about blogging. But today, I have understand one or two things on blogging just by typing my query to the screen.
    • My first blog post were not readable, they were long and boring, but today, you can testify that they are scannable. 
    • At first, I never knew anything on matters of SEO, but today, my cliants and I are happy.
    • Start from somewhere, even if you know nothing, keep searching and adjusting your way up the success ladder.
    • There are many other challenges that I had in life, both simple and hard but I was able to navigate through them by just searching for the answeres online.
    • I remember a time when I was new to my labtop and I was wondering how to switch on the wi-fi. Do you know what I did? I just open operamini app in my smart phone and typed “how to switch on wi-fi in a dell labtop” mmmh! Not sure, but it was something like that. Within a few minutes if not seconds, I was able to learn that I was supposed to press the f2 key.
    • I was a step away from connecting to the internet.
    • If I did not search for the answere, I would have wondered for the all day looking for help.
    • There are many precious things that you are one step away from finding them.
    • One of them is stable relationship, many people are moving from relationship to relationship without any stability because they never wanted to search for answeres in the web.
    • A lot of busineses are failing today because someone met an obstacle in their way to success and assumed that there was no anwere for there challenge, yet, the answere/secret is lying confortably in the web.
    • What most people don’t realise is that there are almost all experts for everything in the internet today.
    • Stop wasting time thinking you are done, you are not, you are just but a step away from success.
    • Go get the answere from google and you will be up and running in the next few minutes.
    • This technique alone can make you a time hack wizard, why? Because while your colleques are running to the town spendind dollars in time, my “hero” is just getting the solution from the web at the comfort of his home. 
    • This idea is simple and obviours! Yes, I know, I understand that everybody can think of it but also, most people will forget it.
    • To find the answere using search engines should not be another hustle and headache.
    • Start by reseaching how to find answeres for your questions in the shortest time possible and keep that knowledge for future reference.
    • I remminded one of my friends of this time saving technique and he reported that it has worked wonders for him. Today, he is being aproached even by some of his colleques who term him as a master of everything. What they don’t know is that he is just but a master of google. 
    • When I started freelancing, I feared to take some of the projects in fear of lack of knowledge on the subject. For a long time, I wasted alot of time and just steared at money passing past my hands helplessly. It was untill I discovered that I never needed to know anything apart from knowing how to google. As we speak, I have been able to write high quality blog posts for my cliants, blog posts that are so good that you could not imagine I knew nothing on those topics before I took them.
    • Save time, money and effort by taking advantage of this new technology.
    • From today, never asume that there is no answere before you search, and never look for an expert before you make an effort to fix it by yourself.

    #2; Do you read blogs and books?

    • Do you want to be a good writer, entrepreneure, artist, musician or even politician? Whatever you want to be, there are many expert bloggers in the bloggospher.
    • Find a handful of experts that you love and follow them.
    • That way, you will be learning a great deal of knowledge dayly, i.e, one step at a time.
    •  Your knowledge needs to be always refreshed in this first moving world, there is need to move with it.
    • The only way to move with the world is to always update yourself.
    • If you do it (updating your skills ) one step at a time, you will always be on top of the game.
    • You can start a blog and follow other bloggers ( it can be a dormant blog, it is not a must that you update it ) and get access to this information in an easy way.
    • The normal way to go about it is to subscribe to them with emails.
    • The greatest challange with email subscribtion is that they became a chunk in less time.
    • Therefore, I will reccomend that you downlord a wordpress and blogger apps from google store and start following such blogs from right now.
    • All you will need to do afterwards is to go to your reader and go through the updated posts from your experts and be the first to read them.
    • For example, if you follow my blog, time hack wizard, you will always get a blog post from me as soon as I release them on  thursday. My 3000 words how to, blog post will always help you to manage time and overcome procrastination by saving atleast 6hrs daily.
    • Other bloggers are asperts on different subjects as well and they will help you to overcome great challenges in life.
    • The messages that you get from this experts will save you a great deal of time while enabling you to enjoy your time when you are still a life.
    • Naturing a reading habit and making it your routine can boost your efficiency and productivity.
    • You will get motivated to stay focused on your priorities hence saving time and efforts.
    • For example, I read the book ” Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill and I testify that My life has taken a new dirrection.
    • I can schedule my days to reflect the deapest aspirations of my life and to focuse on goals that can brighten my future.
    • By reading that book, I have been able to write my own book, “You too can fly; time to take off the ground” you can see it here.
    • This book is full of motivation that can help you to identify your talent and purpose thus helping you to stop wondering around aimlessly.

      #3; Do you have a place to keep your experiences?

      • Experience is the best teacher.
      • In our dayly life, we learn idears the hard way.
      • We are wise if and only if we ensure that we are benefiting from our experiences.
      • You are wasting a lot of time if you became a silly boy who will never learn.
      • I remember when I started my motivational business, I never had a specific niche, I was a all trades chunk. I learned the hard way.
      • It very hard to get clients because I had no tangible value worth hiring me to speak.
      • yes! I was a talented speaker, yes, I wanted to speak so much, but with no specialisation, my long cherished career was ruined.
      • As time goes, I realised that I needed to specialise.
      • With that knowledge, I choose to focus on time management coaching.
      • I opted for this niche because I wanted to learn one or two things that will help improve my life and to help others to manage time.
      • This move worked like magic, I was able to find reasonable challenges to help my clients and hence sign more deals.
      • Today, as per my blog tagline, I am able to tell my clients that I will help you to overcome procrastination. 
      • When cliants learn that I can help them to save upto six hours a day, they like me and see the sence of working with me.
      • On the other hand, I feel more motivated to learn on dayly basis, both from my experiences and through research, the new ways to save and invest time.
      • My experience have thought me to specialize in all spheres of my life. That way, I am able to ask why? Before I do any work.
      • Few years ago, I decided to improve my life, I knew that to succeed I had to be knowledgeable. Therefore, I set out to read as many books as possible. I noticed that I was watching alot of self development videos and reading countless blog posts.
      • That was good, starting out by gaining knowledge was a wise move, but you know what? I stubled right on the door step.
      • I was reading and listening but I never implemented the concepts.
      • That is where most of us have failed.
      • You read a good post like this one, then, you memorise the concepts and never aply them.
      • Many people today in the streats are knowledgeable but they are poor and confused, why? Because they know everything but the secret to true wisdom.
      • True wisdom lies not in knowing everything but in making use of what we know.
      • You are wasting your precious time if all you do is to find more knowledge but not implementing any.
      • What you have learned is part of your experience and you should start from using what is in your brain.
      • The best way to make good use of what you learn along the way is to implement them as they come.
      • I started blogging whithout much knowledge. But as I keep on learning, I keep on implementing.
      • The hardest thing to forget is what you have put into a practice or into a routine.
      • A good blog post should be 3000 words long, start with an introduction and end with a concution, should have a quote, there should be headings, key word density should be 2%, remember to include links and bluh… bluh… all this rules can easyly be forgoten. But I make them a routine by setting a law that define the structure of my blog post. 
      • That way, I never forget important aspects of seo and my main message, this goes a long way to making my readers and my freelance cliants happy while making my work easier.

        #4; Do you research before you start?

        • Abraham Lincold one sayed that “if I was given six hours to cut a tree, I will spend the first four shappening the axe”

        • “Time hack wizards” have learned this, they know that the greatest hack lies not in starting soon, but in starting when you are ready.
        • Work around the globe, I mean, use google and books to search for  “how to” before you start the work.
        • Doing that, and doing it right, will ensure that you take the shortest and the savest route towards your destiny.
        • Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist once said that, “Reading is the easiest way to benefit from other peoples experiences”.

        • Do not spend a whole century re-inventing the wheel, that is time wastage. Learn from the success and failures of those who come before you and be wise enough to avoid the loop holes that they fall into.
        • You will grow wearry soon if all you do is to start a project and realise that you messed up a long time ago and you are forced to back to square one,

        #5; Have you ask the experts?

        • Before goole maps was invented, the easiest way to find a place was to ask.
        • You could reach any place in the world provided you had enough fare and you were willing to ask.
        • The same aply to life; you can reach any destiny provided you have enough motivation and you are willing to ask.
        • You can ask how to overcome the obstacles that make up the road.
        • This way, as a time hack wizard, you will cut out a huge proportion of setbacks that would have slowed down your journey to the top by large margins.

          #6; Do you listen to the news?

          • This one looks so simple but it is one of the best hacks to master time management.
          • Imargine how you will waste many years of your struggle by making a wrong investment decition just because you didn’t read the magazine?
          • The news ( from Tv, radio, newspapers and magazines) are critical in shaping our next move.
          • If you are an entrepreneur or any other millenial phylosopher, you will want to predict the future of your business as accurately as posible.
          • Be careful, you may spend millions of hours in class and miss your dream jop just  because you are not current.

              #7; Are you doing the right thing at the right time?

              • In the search for freedom, most people have engaged in the busy mentality.
              • They believe that just because they are toiling, they are going to be rich.
              • While hard work and commitment is neccesary for advancement, working smart should be the king.
              • The bible says that there is time for everything.
              • There is time sow and their is time to reap.
              • Plant when it is time to plant and time will multiply your effords.

                  #8; Are you taking one step at a time?

                  • Be slow but sure.
                  • Take one step at a time.
                  • When failure come, rise up again, never give up.
                  • Life is challenging, but it has never passed a person who is steady enough.
                  • Time will come when you will have all the reasons to quit, that is the moments that your faith is being tested.
                  • Press on, never said die.
                  • When the going gets tough, hold on, pray to God and take one more step.
                  • If you focus on the all journey, you will feel overwhelmed.
                  • Therefore, be confident enough to believe all will be well.
                  • Provided you are not standing still and you are not taking a step backward, then there is no need to fret.
                  • One day, one time, you too will smile.
                  • It is true that every dog has it’s day.
                  • There is a day that will get the portion of your lack.
                  • After all this tribulation, there is a reward but if and only if you take one more step.
                  • Don’t complecate things, don’t thing you are done, no! You still have an opportunity to shine again.
                  • Forget about the past. Let the death burry it’s own death.
                  • As for you, focus on the future.
                  • Keep going, keep dreaming, even if you have been failing countless times, just keep on trying.
                  • The world is full of men who have been failing untill the society though they were done.
                  • Sometime, I look around, and I see and recall my friends and those people who were under great tribulationd somedays back but today they are stable.
                  • At the same time, there are those people who were very successful but today they are poor.
                  • This reminds us that life is dynamic.
                  • Though it is dynamic, but it is predictable, yes, all the strugglers will succeed at the end of the day.
                  • You will come across thousands of challenges but if you keep on going, you will win at the end.
                  • The easiest way to waste time is to give up.
                  • If you stop growing, even the time that you have spend coming this way will go in vain.
                  • The reason why I want you to take on more step is because of the saying that the greatest failures are those who gave up when they were one step to the winning line.
                  • I don’t want you to be part of the loosers.
                  • I want you to do something today that your future self will thank you for.
                  • That one thing is nothing but taking one more step.
                  • Yes! I know you are tired, I know you are frustrated, but take one more step.
                  • You will be suprised at how your life will drastically take a new positive direction.
                  • Go back to school, earn one more degree, go back to business, launch one more company. Go back to your relationship, negitiate and move on, go back to your dreams, find where you when wrong and follow through to completion.

                  #9; Have you set your own time?

                  • In our today busy world, it is becoming very hard to find time to spend alone.
                  • A time that you can focus on your own priorities. A time to think of your life from A to Z.
                  • You can take a walk, find a cool place to relax or lock yourself in a room.
                  • Meditate, think and find solutions for your challenges.
                  • By doing so, you allow your mind to generate road maps of places that you never thought possible.
                  • In a chaotic environment, your mind my not focus on one issue.
                  • Friends and family are good, they advice and help direct you during the moments that you hit the road blocks.
                  • Let them give you their point of view but that will not supstitute your own resolution.
                  • With mental serenity, you come to attract and re-activate a great deal of mental soundness that would have otherwise washed away by the whirl wind of dayly crysis.
                  • Life is all about  narrowing down to specific specialties, this, as a rule, you realise with a deep meditation.
                  • Listen to your heart, you heart the heart beats and what they mean in a quite and cool place.
                  • Maybe it is beside a river, or in the hill top, find that place and make a personal commitment to visit the place on a regular basis.
                  • You can set sunday afternoon or saturday in the mid-morning, the day doesn’t matter, what matters in that it should be regular and convinient to you.
                  • Why should you make it regular? You visit the same place at the same time to condition you mind to be still and genetate solution at that moments.

                  10; Do you have goals?

                  • Working with upto ten year plan helped me to see the bigger picture.
                  • This way, I am able to set priorities that help me to achieve my long term goals.
                  • I stay motivated and focused as I know that my life is a journey.
                  • you too can can make your life a journey.
                  • Plan.
                  • Organise yourself.
                  • Start by highlighting what you want your life to represent. Figure out that single most important thing that you want to achieve in life.
                  • lay down as many posible solutions as you can and sail with that which is most suitable.
                  • Everybody has their own wisfom and ways of succeeding in life.
                  • Never copy paste what your friend does.
                  • You are unique, your success is also unique.
                  • Even if you go the road less travelled, provided you are confident with what you do, then move on.

                  #11; Are your goals smart?

                  • Just because you have been doing what we have discussed right doesn’t mean you are going to be a time management pro imediately.
                  • There are many concepts that you have to get them right.
                  • With some twieks and adjustments, you will became a time hack wizard and save upto 6hrs.
                  • This are the hours that I am to save for you dayly.
                  • Set smart goals, let your goals be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timed.
                  • If you go this way, you minimise the chance for failure by half.
                  • Your days will be more organised and fruitful.

                    What techniques do you find more suitable? Drop a comment to let us know.

                    Untill next time

                    Go out there and be a Time hack wizard.
                    Thank you!



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