How to avoid distractions when blogging; top 10 concentration tips for part time bloggers. 

What is here? In this post, you will get to know how to avoid distractions when working on your blog; this is the top 10 tips to find a quiet time for blogging. 

The following points (I have highlighted and discuss them below ) will help you to know how to avoid distraction when working on your blog. This points forms the top 10tips to find a quiet time for blogging. 

  1. Switch off the phone and concentrate on your blog 
  2. Lock yourself in a silent room where there is no interruption
  3. Inform your family that you need a humble time to focus. 
  4. Don’t bring office work home, you have blogging work to do. 
  5. Find a silent place with no interruptions
  6. Clear all distractions from your work table, only leave what you need for blogging. 
  7. Focus only on what you wanted to be doing. 
  8. Control your mind, think only of what you are doing. 
  9. Set a time limit for blogging and stop immediately when the time is over 
  10. Check that you have everything you need before you start 
  11. Bonus tip; Sacrifice other hobbies/activities  and concentrate on blogging. 

    #1; Switch off the phone and concentrate on your blog.

    The leading source of distraction for bloggers today is the phone. 

    You scurry from email to Facebook, from Facebook to twitter and the process continues. 

    After you are done with social media, you start browsing the net in the name of doing niche research.

    All this, you will realise that they are silly ways to spend your precious time as a serious blogger. 

    Do you have a laptop? Of course you do.

    What next? 

    To hell with the phone, you want results. 

    You understand very well that without meaningful accomplishment, there is no success. 

    Surely, you cannot Stand that, you will not allow a simple mistake like being disturbed by the phone to hold you down. 

    You understand very well that you don’t belong to the confused. 

    At the end of the day, you are going to do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality. 

    And frankly speaking, if you want it badly enough, you are sure to get it. 

    If you really want to be the best, then you will not allow a phone to distract you from your goal.

    For only two hours, you can do away with this phone. 

    You will not die, your friends will not die either. 

    At the end of your busy time, you can get back to your phone. 

    From there, you can call the all universe if you want. 

    What about if you love to work on your blog from your smart phone like me? 

    Will you be ruined by it? 

    No! You don’t have to let that be the excuse. 

    Switch your phone to flight mode and continue with your operations.

    That way, you will be able to focus on what is important now so that you can leave the other time for leisure. 

    It’s very easy to assume that the phone will not destruct you but over the long run, you will realise that you have been wasting a good amount of your time.

    A call from your friend and the 30 minutes of discussion. 

    Text from your colleague and sup-sequent queries on issues of the office of which you know nothing about. 

    Facebook notification and how your long time fiance have pose for a photo as if they want to lure you back. 

    Summing all these nonsense together, you realise that your productivity will surfer by almost half. 

    The bottom line? 

    Switch off the phone and get down to work, period! 

    #2; Lock yourself in a silent room where there is  no interruptions.

    Your daughter, your mum and your pet demands your attention. 

    You have just arrive from your day job, you are tired, your family have missed you. 

    That is why I was telling you to set time for blogging. 

    Lock yourself in your room, when you come out, you will have time to interact with them. 

    I want you to be a wise dad, a wise dad knows what we call work life balance. 

    Strive to be a lovely mum, lovely mums will organise themselves so that they get time for their family. 

    What does a fake mum do?  A fake mum will always complain, they will always have reasons to be late. 

    Stay focused, concentrate on your work, great a fortune for your kids. 

    Determine to never stop, create a routine and work on it. 

    Dark days will come,  but never stop. 

    Stick to your schedule, 

    #3; Inform your family that you need a humble time to focus on your work. 

    They love you,  they want you to be close to them. 

    While they are right, you have to remind them that you have a dream to follow. 

    Let them understand that it is for a season and for a reason.

    Once you start harvesting your hard work. You will relax and spend more time with them.

    By reminding them that you are aware that you have been detached from them, you give them the feeling that you are concerned. 

    Remember, your family is your best investment. 

    Give them the time they deserve, as we have just elaborated,you give them the time they deserve by working hard so that you get a free time. 

    #4; Don’t bring office work home you have blogging tasks to do 

    Everybody have different visions for their blogs. 

    Are you planning to transition from a part time blogger to a full time blogger? 

    What is your plan for the future? 

    Maybe you are creating a new part time job.

    Who knows, maybe you just want to develop your hobbies and you are not in a hurry to monetize your art.

    Whatever the case, you need to realise that you have introduced something new into your life. 

    You have come up with a demanding task. 

    Because you created it, you must squeeze time for it.

    You have to work faster or cut some of your leisure time and invest it to blogging. 

    If you cut your leisure time, you will be okay but if you choose to find more time out of your busy schedule, then you will have to be smart.

    To be smart is to be organised. 

    Make sure that you handle your tasks more keenly from the moment you step into your day job in the morning. 

    You are no longer like your fellow employees. 

    There is an extra task waiting for you. 

    Unlike them, you cannot take some work home like you used to do.

    In one way or the other, provided you play your cards save, you are ahead of the game. 

    Don’t overload yourself, doing so is killing your brain child before she is even born.

    It will be very tough and demanding to recover if you break the routine and let the work to bile up. 

    Let what belong to the office be done in the office. 

    When you come home, you only know that you have a family and a blog to dedicate your time to.

    #5; Find a silent place with no interruptions.

    Picture an ideal place to work from and get used to working from there. 

    Is it under a jacaranda tree? Besides the house? Or in your bedroom? 

    Listen to your heart!

    If you listen to your heart, it will listen to you too. 

    When your mind, heart and soul are in harmony, your work will be the greatest beneficiary. 

    I like to work on my blog when I’m in a bushy place. 

    Now, that is me.

    What about you? Do you have a different taste? 

    You can try different places until you find a perfect place that your heart says, yes. 

    Another way to go around it is to work from one place until you are used to it. 

    Like all arts, the best work comes when creativity is at the pick point. 

    #6; Clear all distractions from the table, leave what you need for blogging only.

    surely, you don’t need a TV on your work table. 

    Do away with it. 

    Make your work environment conducive. 

    Just like your office, arrange everything, be in order.

    The best way to approach blogging is by being professional. 

    Blogging is a profession. 

    It’s a career path of its own. 

    Be reasonable, be smart and tactical. 

    There is no way you can approach blogging like a play. 

    If you became serious and focus on your blog, then, one day, one time, you will have something to celebrate. 

    It is the little things that are letting you down. This are silly mistakes that when summed together explains the course of your failure. 

    Make a choice, decide, if you want to be successful, then go for it. 

    Remember, you are making history, you are writing the story of your life. 

    When you die, your blog will find a place in your euology.

    They will say that you liked writing. They will give the URL of your blog. 

    people will read and always refer to it when they miss you. 

    Therefore, if blogging is going to represent you even when you are no more,  be serious about it. Do not allow useless things to distract you. Blogging is going to consume a great amount of your time and your life. 

    For example, if you are going to spend two hours daily  on your blog then you will spend one day to blogging weekly. 

    The point? 

    Be serious with blogging and avoid unnecessary disturbances. 

    You need a laptop and a modem. 

    Inside the laptop, you don’t need anything else, you only need your WordPress software and a browser. 

    Songs, movies and all the other nonsense should wait. 

    Anything that you forget to come along with to your table is a distraction. 

    It’s a distraction because it will force you to go looking for it, that is few more minutes wasted. 

    #7; Focus only on what you wanted to be doing. 

    Did you come here to write a blog post? Then, sit down and write a blog post. 

    Were you planning to update your old posts, then, sit, relax and update the old blog posts.

    updating and writing are two different things, concentrate on what you come to do. 

    If it’s time to create blog engagements, go out and find blogs to comment and like.

    when it’s time to monetize your content, go out and monetize it.

    You have got to decide to be smart or else, you remain frustrated. 

    You know what? The choice is yours.

    Yeah! That is the truth of the matter, you have got to choose if you will always dream or you will actualize your dreams. 

    Plan, set a time for everything and if you are true to your dreams, then, stick to your plans. 

    We will motivate you! Yes, as the blogging community, we will teach you what to do. But the ultimate choice is yours. 

    You either choose to be a winner or a looser. 

    The goodness with blogging is that you started alone. 

    It’s not like college, where your dad or mum forced you to go. It’s not like your day job, where the daily needs forced you to comply. 

    Therefore, make a personal decision to be organised, force the world to give you what is rightfully yours. 

    My friend, a system that works for you while you sleep is rightfully yours. 

    Following a passion of your life is right for you. 

    If the Wright brothers managed to set a plane until it fly, then you can make this blog a success. 

    They failed but never gave up, you too have the right to wake up again after you have failed. 

    They sacrificed everything for only this one, you too have the right to forgo everything to make this thing fly.

    Everybody thought they were mad for trying an awkward thing, they thought they were intelligent to do what they enjoy rather than what would give them money with no satisfaction. 

    Your greatness at the end of the day will not be the fact that you never failed, your greatness will be the obvious fact that despite great obtacles, you were willing to hold on to doing the right things. 

    It’s a right thing to do the right thing at the right time. 

    You are following your schedule, designing your plane one step at a time. 

    When the time to fly will come, you will have yourself to thank. 
    There is no place that you will not be able to go. 

    This has to be a reality. 

    Please, awake your inner genius. Give your best shot to this target, you will make it, I trust you, but the question is, will you dare trust yourself? 

    Are you courageous enough to believe that you deserve the best? Are you discipline enough to keep on sailing until you win? You have got to ask yourself this questions, and while asking yourself, make sure that the answers sticks to your brain. 

    #8; Control your brain, think only of the work at hand. 

    Your brain can be your best friend or your best enemy depending on how you choose to use it. 

    You can choose to let it wonder around and you achieve nothing or you can hold it to concentrate on the task at hand and produce a maverick work. 

    We understand that you are too busy, you have a 9-5 day job and you have a family to take care of, but do you think that if you keep on switching from thought to another will solve the problem? 

    Or do you want us to feel sorry for you? 

    Yeah! No problem, we can feel sorry for you but rest assured that the only wages that you will get is our sympathy. 

    What about if you face the task at hand with a firm resolve to succeed? You will have the victories and the freedom to be free from frustration for the rest of your life.

    Therfore, in all matters, control your brain and think only of the task at hand. 

    You have to reply to comments, think about that only. You have to write a blog post, focus your brain to writing a killer first class post for now. 

    There is time for everything under the sun.

    Organise your time well to give your brain an opportunity to handle everything to the best at its own time. 
    #9; Set the time limit for blogging and stop immediately when the time is over. 

    Most bloggers commit the same mistake that I used to do when I started to blog. 

    They believe that they can work on their blog randomly without a set time. 

    You have to measure progress, you have to know the time that you are investing into your blog versus the returns and the visions that you have for your blog. 

    I know how hard it is to accept such a painful reality expecially when you are starting out. 

    But you have to face it anyway if you have to grow. 

    Are you working on your blog 24/7? What results do you have to prove your hard work? 

    If you are only blogging for 30 min everyday and you gurner 15 followers daily, that became a great victory on your part.

    #10; Check that you have everything you need before you start. 

    Gone are the days that you used to be disorganised. 

    Today, you are a grown up with a day job and a business to develop. 

    To achieve all your new year’s resolutions, you will have to be sharp. 

    We agreed that you must be having a WordPress app for your phone, what about a dictionary? 

    Make sure that you have as many as possible mobile apps that will help you when blogging. 

    This will ensure that you save a great deal of time by avoidingthe habit of running up and down looking for forgotten items. 

    I will write a detailed post highlighting the all apps that you need for managing time as a  blogger. 

    Make it a rule of thumb to leave everything that you need for blogging on your work table. 

    If you are a travel blogger, you may need an atlas. 

    In case you are a food blogger, you may consider food recipes book. 

    depending on what you are writing about, make sure that everything you need for your work is kept in its place. 

    Have you subscribe to a blog that is dedicated to motivate a part time blogger like you to better manage time ?

    If no,you should be doing that right now, obviously, there are days that your motivation will be low and you may need somebody like me to stir you up. 

    I’m one of the tools that you must be having around you before you start to blog.

    Don’t forget to include to your list other bloggers that will teach you how to better manage your blog for uptimum success. 

    There are books that you can download right now for free that will boost your knowledge of this art to a senior level. 

    There are countless items that you as a blogger should be having close to you while you are writing. 

    Think about your mission statement, do you have it near you? 

    What about your new year’s blog resolution plan?have you come with it?

    How will you stick to your development agenda for the long haul if you don’thave your strategic plan close to you? 

    Are you sure that you will recall your monetisation funnel while writing your post?

    Why struggle when you can have it besides you? 

    The life of blogging will bemuch,much, much simple if and only if you adhere to this simple rules. 

    Before you became a blogging, time management master, you will have to be aware of the need to better manage time and take the necessary steps even if they may seem minute. 

    #11; Sacrifice other hobbies /activities and concentrate on this one

    I used to play games on my phone, that is a long while ago, this days? You will find no game app on my phone. 

    By doing away With all apps, I’m sure to have saved a lot of time. 

    You too can follow the same path, you have a new hobby, you are a writer,dedicate your free time to writing. 

    There are days that I used to watch movies with my friends, this days? I use that time to watch my blog growing. 

    I am considering to stop my other hobbies like playing pool and devote that time to developing my blog.

    What are you planning to stop in order to focus on your blog? 

    Are you going to stop watching football to focus on your business? 

    Do you love your blog enough to shut down TV programmes and concentrate on blogging? 

    It’s your turn to reflect, to dig deep and find out what is more you can do to take another step of faith in your blogging career. 

    I remember those days when I used to spend my afternoons working around. I loved those moments so much that I still sneak to enjoy them. 

    During those moments, when I’m free and enjoying myself working around, I meditate a lot on the future of my blog. 

    Before I started blogging, I used to wonder around and my mind couldn’t stop on one single thought.

    I agree that I sometimes find my mind wondering around aimlessly. 

    For the last few days, I have been working hard to focus my mind to find proper contents for my blog. 

    I understand that my destiny is in my hands. I am the captain of my fate. 

    We are here to motivate each other, to give hope to ourselves and to help enlarge the  image of our vision so that we can all see it. 

    It’s so important to realise that the greatest achievement of your life will be your ability to live the life you want doing what you love. 

    A time will come, when looking back into your days off uncertainty, like today, will teach you one thing, that there is hope for those who believe. 

    This is your moments, believe that you deserve the best and work for it.

    There is nothing that is so sweet and encouraging like realising that you can be your own boss, not only that, but that you can also work from home. 

    Imagine you can achieve all these things while doing what you love and changing the world? 

    If there is anything in this world that you should put all your efforts is chasing such a dream. 

    Those who know what blogging is will testify to you that if their is anything that is the right definition of a calculated move is blogging. 

    Many people have left their day job to try this path and they have made it. 

    There are many tells of young men who have forgo their degrees to take advantage of this great opportunity and they realised it. 

    Look here! I’m not telling you to follow this path yet, but I’m pointing out that you should let go other hobbies to dedicate to this one. 

    Take a step of faith, list down all the hobbies that you want to replace with blogging on a piece of paper and burn them. 

    Observe as they melt down to nothingness. 

    From today, at this moment, you have parted ways which such hobbies. 

    You gave them a divorce and they accepted, so? you are no longer related. 

    Great men make choices once and they live upto them forever, you want evidence? be one of them and be a living example. 



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