Stop looking for a job, start a business

Do you want to be rich soon? have you ever wondered how you can first track your success?

You have read that everything is possible for those who believe, you have no problem with that, the problem is that you have believed but you are still poor.

The following ideas will help you to figure out the shortcuts that you can take so that you drive soon.

Be courageous enough, dare to dream.When you are still young, travel the path less traveled.

Do not waste a lot of your time travelling the path that you know will land you nowhere.

Launch your own business today, you have gone to school, you have the skills.The choice is yours, you can decide to spend your time developing other people’s dreams or you can dare follow your dreams.

The world millionaires are never employees. they are courageous men and women who made the decision to go their own way at a certain time in their life.

Success is not only a factor of brilliance, it also entails courage. The courage to wait for God’s chosen time. The courage to forgo other opportunities in order to enjoy others.

Naftali chirchir; motivational speaker
Do less, enjoy more

It is a common norm that you must go to school, learn all the volcanic mountains, study the various types of insects available at your locality and then you look for a stable job and die a poor man.

The best way to spend your time on this earth is to make a living doing what you love, it is much easier to say that to get things done.

When the challenges and discouragements come your way, you must be strong enough to stand still.

I have been trying to launch my business for a long time now, the challenges and frustrations that surround the world of entrepreneurship are so many .

Other people are lucky. they just start and they are good. others will have to go through countless trials and innumerable sleepless night .



  1. The best bet is to be ,”your own boss” as you’ve said. Meanwhile, you can hold on to your job until your business can pay you and some others. What a great post!

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  2. I just wrote a post on The Ultimate Time Management Program on my blog and I thought I should ask the Time hack wizard what he thinks about my time management program.

    Please check it out at my blog and let me know.

    Thank you.

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