As long as you are willing to learn, you are sure to go far.


You can rise from having no education, broken relationship, unstable health and from great poverty to  nobility. 

It’s nice to hear encouraging words, but it is great to act on them.

You have an idea of following your passions, right?

Despite your busy schedule, you still want to develop a system that will change your life? 

Wow!  that is great.

You have read good posts in the Web, here is a blog that is formed to help you work on what you have learned.

Time hack wizard is that blog. 
#1; What is time hack wizard?

Conceived in 2016 and born in 2017, Time hack wizard, is here to help you overcome procrastination. 

Now, new bloggers, I mean, all those who have great vision for the future, a vision of changing their lifes and the world at large through blogging can come here and quench their thirst for motivation. 

You will get to learn the tricks  and ways to better manage your time and hence your life.

All this, according to plan, will go a long way to making real the vision of your art of blogging. 

Are you a beginning blogger?

Do you love reading motivational as well as educational content? 

Are you in love with posts that hit direct to the point? 

Those posts that gives you tricks, hacks and timely, workable advice on time management? 


Then feel at home!

I have worked hard enough to ensure that this site will change your life by saving you tones of time that would have otherwise been wasted to procrastination. 

Productivity, habits, routines, procrastination, outsourcing, efficiency, effectiveness and organisation are covered in details with the intention to help you better understand the topic of time management. 

I promise to save you upto six hours of your daily time. 

#2; Where should I start? 

Stuck on where to start? 

Don’t worry!

Imagine you can start from anywhere! 

Our posts are well planned. 

Each post is a “how to” blog post with a top 10 tricks to any of our sub-topics. 

After every sub-topic,  you will find a link related to what you are reading, with such order,  it becomes very easy to navigate the all blog for your preferences. 

here is an example :

How to boost your efficiency; Top 10 time management tips that have worked for me.

Be warned,  my blog posts are always long.

Each blog post is 3000 words each.

Every post; As I have said is a  “how to ” post with a top  10 tricks and a bunus tip. 

My paragraphs are in point form meaning that each paragraph is a concept of it’s own. 

Why am I doing all this? 

I am approaching blogging with such order because I am totally committed to results. 

Do we have a schedule? 

Yes,  we do.

If you want to stay in touch, then be informed that our blog posts are released on Thursday. 

Come on Thursday  and you will always find a new post. 

With one post per week, you can rest assured that you will not be spum if you subscribe to time hack wizard. 

#3; How did time hack wizard came to existence? 

It was back in Cambus, those days when I was still figuring out what to do with my life that I started blogging. 

I have wanted to do something great from my childhood. 

To help others, to grow, to be all I can be.

I have wanted to pursue something that is challenging, something that will help me strain,  a path that will help me pour my creativity. 

It was the dream of my youthful days to find something that I can spend the rest of my life doing. 

You see, I wanted to at some point in life listen to my heart. 

I dreamt of a day that I will be courageous enough to sacrifice all my comfort and follow what I love.

A day that I will begin a journey to my destiny and never stop. 

Yes! Never stop and never complain.

I searched, luckily, I discovered that I wanted to blog.

This is what was going to be meaningful to me.

Something that I will be scoffed but never stop doing, something that I will be praised and became insane doing it. 

Oh! yes!

I found what I wanted, I will help you find yours too. 

Mmh!  I will help you to love blogging, to manage time and ultimately, to overcome procrastination. 

#4; Who is Naftali chirchir, founder of time hack wizard? 

Motivational speaker and article  writer, Naftali chirchir.
Naftali chirchir; Founder of time hack wizard.

To be frank, Naftali chirchir is still a learner, but a promising one.

I was trained as a physics and chemistry teacher.

So you teach? 


I write and speak.

Life changes and people take new career paths. 

I found a different one. 

Writing and motivating is what I wanted to be doing. 

That is my talent. 

I gonna fight for it.

Yes, I know. I’m aware that nothing comes easily. 

Despite the one or two challenges here and there, I am ready and willing to encourage you and myself through this blog. 

If you believe that the future belong to those who believe, then, come we match together. 

If you think you have the right to overcome the obstacles and be a great blogger, then,you are my type. come we fly together. 

If you are tired of being taught and you want a different experience, a completely new approach like having someone  to jungle the darkness with, then, subscribe to my blog and…

Hold my hand, come, let us win this battle together. 

#5; Who am I working with? 

Are you a part time blogger? 

You have a 9-5 day job and a blog to maintain?  

Do you need a person to motivate you to follow your passion of blogging? 

A person to teach you actionable tips and tricks to better manage your time so that you can blog without affecting your day job? 

If your answer to all of these questions is yes,  then you are at home. 

I understand how challenging it may be to develop a blog while maintaining your day job.

Days will come when you will feel like giving up.

We will be here to motivate you to keep on fighting. 

At such moments, you will need to

#6; What services do I offer? 

For now