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If your answers to all of the above questions is yes, then, you have come to the right place.

Time hack wizard is looking for writers to contribute to our blog.

#1; Why write for time hack wizard?

You will inspire and motivate other people.

Time hack wizard is a blog that is formed with the aim of helping people to better manage time and hence overcome procrastination.

When you write a post for us, you will get the chance to educate others on the importance of managing time.

The hacks, tricks and concepts that you teach on time management will inspire others to better make the best of their time.

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Be part of the team.

If your articles are cool enough, you will get the opportunity to be part of the amazing time hack wizard team.

When accepted, you will have the freedom to write and post in this site whenever you want.

#2; Submission guidelines

Recommended article length; 750 words ideal length for our posts is 750 words. t

No advertisements allowed; All links that intent to promote a company or a product will not be accepted.

Writing style; Including headings and sup-headings in your posts to make it readable. You can choose different colors for the headings and sup-headings as in this post if you like. Remember to add appropriate pictures to your guest posts.

Submit an original post; All the post that you write for time hack wizard blog should be exclusively for this blog and should not be published anywhere else.

#3; How to submit your pitches.

Sent your post through email to chirchirnaftali93@gmail.com together with your bio, Full name and a head-shot photo.