How to be productive during the rush hour; Top 10 things smart bloggers  do when commuting. 

What is here? This post discusses how to be productive during the rush hour. It explains the top 10 things smart bloggers do when commuting. 

You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.

 [ Charles Buxton]

You have been wasting a great deal of time in traffic jam?

 Are you a long distance traveller and you realise that a great amount of time is wasted just sitting like an idiot? 

I compiled the following ideas to help you claim back hours that would have otherwise go into wastage. 

This ideas are helpful to part time bloggers who commute to work daily. 

They are also of great importance to bloggers who are wondering how to spend the time that is lost in traffic jams. 

Those bloggers who are planning to travel for a long distance will also benefit from this post. 

If you are not among the above bloggers you can also read this post and apply the  concepts when you will be travelling. 

I have highlighted the points here and proceeded to discuss each of them below. 

  1. Determine how long you will be travelling to plan what you can accomplish. 
  2. Back everything that you may need for work along the way. 
  3. Take a comfortable seat, sitting in front of the car reduces disturbances. 
  4. Learn something new 
  5. Socialise; Make connections
  6. Entertain yourself 
  7. Remember to carry enough refreshments for the all journey. 
  8. Schedule enough stop overs to re-energize yourself. 
  9. Take a different route or change your traveling time to avoid pick hours. 
  10. Meditate on the future of your blog. 
  11. Bonus tip; Be informed, stay on top of the news. 

      #1; Determine how long you will be travelling to plan what you can accomplish. 

      • Are you planning to travel for half an hour? Full day? Or a whole month? 
      • Determine the exact time that you may need for the journey. 
      • This may be more helpful especially when you are visiting a completely  new place. 
      • For those who commute to work, get the exact amount of time that you spend daily. 
      • Once you have determined the available time, schedule that time to fit the activities that you would like to be doing. 
      • Make sure that you are spending most of your time creating your future fortune. 
      • Be smart. 
      • Don’t over extimate what you can accomplish. 
      • Remember, this is a bonus time that you had not planned for. 
      • Use it with great freedom but with maximum commitment. 
      • You  can be searching for more information and saving it for offline reading.
      • After a short while, you will discover that there are tasks that will suit you when you are travelling for a short distance and tasks that are only suitable when you are commuting for a short distance. 
      • At first, when you are starting to make use of your downtime, you may not feel the significance of your work, but over the long haul, you will definitely feel the mark that you have made. 
      • Maybe you are responding to comments while commuting, or you are just listening to blogging podcasts. Whichever the case, you are taking steps that will ensure that you master blogging at the end of the day.

        #2; Back everything that you may need for work along the way.  

        • I want to believe that you are on WordPress and you are working on your blog from your mobile app. 
        • In case you are in any other hosting site, you must be using that sites app to run your blog.
        • The advantage of blogging is that you can work from anywhere.
        • What you may need is a backup bundles and power bank. 
        • Consider coming with a charger and a good negotiation skills so that you can ask the driver to charge your phone while you are using it incase you do not have a power bank. 
        • I am considering to have two smart phones because I normally work from my phone,  you can consider this route too
        • I know you have a sexy laptop  but will you be comfortable working from your laptop in a public vehicle? 
        • Do you have a blog note book? you may want to check important dates, idears and other things that will be helpful.

          #3; Take a comfortable seat; Sitting in front of the car reduces disturbances. 

          • Rush hours are prone of traffic jams. 
          • You may be held sitting idle for hours without doing any productive work which may be costly to you. 
          • As a part time blogger, you may have set to work on your blog during the night. 
          • When you are held up in a traffic jam for hours,  you may not be able to get enough time latter to invest into your blog. 
          • You should not wait until that happened. 
          • The goodness of blogging is the fact that it can be done anywhere and at anytime. 
          • Accomplish a great deal of work while you are sitting in that bus.
          • To do this, you begin by identifying a comfortable place that you can work from. 
          • I like sitting on the front sit next to the driver because there are fewer disturbances there. 
          • When I find that position occupied,  I would rather wait for the next bus. 

          #4; Learn something new 

          • Do you have a book? back your favourite story book, a bible or your class notes. Traveling is a good opportunity to read what you love.
          • Have you been to this area before? If no, why don’t you spend your time observing the area? You may learn new concepts and ideas that you can apply at home and those that you can discuss in your blog. 
          • Podcast and videos, they are new ways to learn your new art. Where is your headphones and smart phone?  come along with them, surely, they will be of help to you. 
          • I want to believe that you have downloaded enough blogging tutorials to your phone.
          • Use them during this hour. 
          • With a family to take care of and a blog to maintain knowing that you still have other duties at the office, it becomes very important to listento all the learning materials while commuting. 

          #5; Socialise; Make new connections?

          • Strangers are friends that you have never met before. 
          • We are living in a world where everything revolve around networking. 
          • You never know who is sitting next to you. They may be the solution you have been looking for. 
          • Say hi! 
          • After a long hours of random discussion, channel the tack to where you want to dwell in.
          • Remember to exchange your contacts before you adjourn the journey. 
          • Save the contacts, make them as useful as those numbers in your phone book. 
          • Contact them as soon as you reach home. 
          • Don’t forget to let them know that you intend to make new friendship with them and that is how you have been meeting new people. 
          • Let that new friendship be beneficial to you and them. 
          • Introduce your blog to them immediately or later depending on the flow of your discussion. 
          • That way, you may get a new life long fun and customer. 

          #6; Entertain yourself. 

          • Entertaining yourself is one of the top 10 things to do when you are commuting. 
          • You want to know how to be productive during the rush hour  by entertaining yourself? 
          • Sure, I’ll let you know. 
          • Many people are not confident reading a book or doing other constructive things when they are travelling. 
          • They fear they may be misunderstood as hypocrites. 
          • If you are the type, then, no worry, just entertain yourself with hip hop or any kind of songs that you may love. 
          • This will save you a tone of time because you may not need to entertain yourself when you reach home.
          • As human beings, we can’t operate like machines. 
          • On arriving home, switch direct to your blogging or other tasks that you have scheduled, no need for entertainment again.

            #7; Carry enough refreshments for the whole journey. 

            • Your brain needs to be refreshed if it has to produce high results. 
            • Working for six hours continuous can be cracy but having enough breaks and enough refreshments may be helpful. 
            • Are you in your private car? with a flask full of hot tea?  Then you are cool. 
            • Hot water will help supply more oxygen to your brain thus making you more active. Do you like coffee?  make some for yourself, this will help you stay more alert. 
            • With that amount of work, you will  feeling hungry. Carry enough energising food. You will thank me latter. 

            #8; Schedule enough stop overs to re-energize yourself 

            • This is practically possible when you are travelling a long journey and you are interested in your own car with a driver. 
            • There is no need for you to rush because you are having a good time to work on your blog.
            • Schedule different stop overs and refresh yourself or just get a break and a fresh air.

                #9; Take a different route or change your travelling schedule to avoid pick hours 

                •  Its not a must that you follow the same route, if you know that there will be a traffic  jam, you better find a different route. 
                • This way, you will be able to save a lot of time that would have otherwise been wasted if you had proceeded unconciously. 
                • With the saved time, you can rush home and find time to blog and follow your passion. 
                • Now that you’ve got a new hobby to develop, you will have to be more creative to find more time. 

                #10; Meditate on the future of your blog or blog post.

                Take time to reflect on where you have come from.

                You want to be sure of your steps, 

                This year is ending, you have invested a lot of time to that blog and you need results to justify your hard work. 

                Will you write a more detailed post?are you going to spend more time advertising your content? 

                All this answers are found after deep medication. 

                This is a good time to think of your future. 

                Imagine there is no disturbance. It is only you and your mind that has to spend this moments.

                Do you know that meditation alone can be a great boost to your blogging success?

                Next time when you have to commute to work, remember to meditate on the strategies that you are going to apply. 

                Have you been blogging for two hours daily? 

                What about the downtime? 

                Add the time that  you invest to your blog when communicating to act as a motivation.

                This way, the way of planning your attack formula daily, will help you to stand out in your niche. 

                You will always be up changing and adjusting to the changes. 

                Apart from thinking about your strategies. You can formulate the content of your next blog post. 

                Think of the heading, the sub -headings and the content of the post. 

                When you will arrive home in the evening, yours will be an easy work… just to but it down on paper. 

                I understand how challenging it is to maintain your day job while blogging at the same time. 

                You need to sacrifice, you need to dedicated and you need to know what you want. 

                Do not forget that you want to change the world. 

                Never forget that you want to develop a system to work for you. 

                Above all things,  always recall that you choose to travel this path because you wanted the freedom to do what you love.

                From the beginning, you loved to be independent. You love to be your own boss. 

                To be your own boss means that you are your own motivator, therefore, encourage yourself my friend. 

                Being your own boss means that you are your own general manager, therefore, manage your time and your writing skills to the glory of God.

                Smart bloggers know that they are the makers of their own future. 

                They know that blogging is not easy, they also know that  they have all it takes to be successful in this industry. 

                They have persistence, hope and the courage to move on anyway.

                That time that you are held up in the traffic jam should not go in fain. 

                Use it to meditate and to encourage yourself. 

                #11; Bonus tip; Be informed, stay on top of the news 

                Blogging, as you have known by now, demand a lot of reading. 

                You have to learn the ins and outs of your niche. 

                 Apart from the niche, you do have to master blogging itself. 

                All this demand that you make your blog your library. 

                Following  experts blogs is one easy way to do that. 

                Read their content, comment and share. 

                I like to read Neil patels posts and smart blogger. 

                Follow this blogs and realise how simple it can be to learn blogging one step at a time. 

                By reading new tricks and tips of blogging, you will always be on top of the news. 

                You don’t want to use old and outdated tricks, right? 

                Subscribe to blogs that teach how to blog, mix them with at least top 100 blogs on your niche and you will be good to go. 

                Personally, I’m sure that I’m at 1000 blogs. 

                Opening my email you will wonder if I will able to read all of them but case what? I do it with a lot of ease. 

                Learn to read faster. 

                This way, after a lot of experience, you will be able to accomplish more with minimal hustle. 


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