How to be productive as a blogger; top 10 ways to produce huge quality with less hustle.

How to be productive? Without fear of contradiction, is one topic that is hard to answere in one blog post. 

But today, in this blog post, we are going to study a step by step guide to productivity.

You want to produce more quality work?

Are you concerned with increasing the quantity of your output?

What about work life-balance? Have you stabilise that?

In reality, there is a lot to be done in order to achieve the said things.

Therefore, I want us to approach this issue in a systematic manner.


Ok! I know you have come here to look for a workable and timely solution.


You will get it right here! Why? Because you have come to the right place.

Time hack wizard is your number one go to experts in time management tips.

This blog is formed to help you overcome procrastination.

It will help you to understand topics that form our categories.

This topics include:

  • Habits
  • Organisation
  • Priorities
  • Focus
  • Scheduling
  • Routines
  • Outsourcing
  • productivity
  • procrastination 
  • distractions
  • efficiency
  • effectiveness

    Today, we are going to focus our study to productivity.

    Remember, as I have said, the main focus of this post is to help you overcome procrastination.

    Incase you want to check into the other sub-topics, feel free to scrowl down to the bottom of this blog.

    Otherwise, we get down to work.

    As our rule, let us start by first highlighting the questions that will help us cover this topic in detail.

    Are you ready?

    Here we go!

    1. What if you take the work as a project?
    2. What about if you focus only on one step at a time?
    3. Rewarding yourself, will it cost you anything?
    4. Who said it is a crime to ask for help?
    5. Have you approached the task from a different angle?
    6. Is it wrong to “just” finish the task?
    7. If you return for clarification, will you be imprisoned?
    8. Will you die if you abandone the project completely?
    9. Are there any provisions that say you cannot pospond the deadline?
    10. Do you think you can substitute hardwork? Really?
    11. Bonus tip; Are you 100% sure that you are still working “smart” ?

    The aim of this questions is to trigger a new perspective to the general question, how to be productive?

    I expect you to start thinking even deaper and adopt the underlying strategies of this post to your dayly life.

    No more worry, you are going to get down to work without stress of overstraining.

    Let too much bitterness disappear and a life of productivity, and hence, prosperity reign.

    So, you want what we have just said to be a reality?

    Then, let us get down to finishing what we just started.

    #1; What if you take the work as a project?

    Approaching a job as a project will enable you to tab into specific time management hacks that you would otherwise missed.

    There are variours aspects of a project that can boost your productivity. 

    Look at the following characteristics of a project and the qualities they teach.

    • When you are dealing with a project, then, you know you have a deadline; Set a deadline for your work.
    • Projects only take part of your life and once done has no effect of affecting your future. Accomplish your work to the best without fearing your tomorrow.
    • You can take many different other projects after accomplishing the first. What do you learn from this, you learn that you have many more opportunities in future. Getting this one exallently will aid you landing on better projects, failing too, is not the end, you still have many more chances in the future.
    • Different projects have different value, there are high quality projects with high rewards and those of low quality with poor pay; in life, choose what you are going to work on very keenly, other jobs are a waste of time while others are the best to make you rich.
    • You negotiate the cost of a project before you start working on it; Don’t start any work before you ascertain the impact that it will have in your life.
    • With projects, bidding is common; Don’t wait for good things to happen to you, go out and happen to things.
    • Biding to projects have deadlines; Many opportinities have life spans, you can’t win the 2012 olimpic gold medal, that opportunity is gone, forever.
    • The best bidder wins the project, they must not be the highest or the lowest; state the exact rewards that you want for your work, just because you demand low does not mean you will be valued the most, what it may mean is that you will only be demoralised to produce high quality.
    • A project is basically a contract; Life is a contract, you are here to accomplish the purpose that God set for you.
    • A contract can be Outsourced; You need not to do everywork on your plate, get someone to assist.
    • The project is only useful to the owners and the service providers; just because everybody is not congraculating you doesn’t mean that you aren’t productive, sometime, when your work gets the attention of only few people, that is a sign that you’re in the right path.

    All success starts from the partern of thoughts that you choose to take.

    You can choose to see the work at hand as a project and all your actions may take a new turn.


    You can start to face your obstacles.

    Knowing that nothing is permanent, you may choose to do it anyway.

    Understanding that you are here for a few seasons then you are gone, will affect how you think of your shortcomings, you may choose to focus only on what you love and make the best life from your hobbies no matter the time it may take to actualize your dreams.

    #2; What about if you focus only on one step at a time?

    Focusing on one step at a time is the right way to accomplish many tasks with less hustle.

    Start by highlighting what you wish to accomplish today.

    Turn your wishes to “must” by writing a to-do list.

    This list will help you to schedule your priorities.

    Alow the priorities to form your dayly routines.

    Keep doing your routines untill they became passions and habits.

    This way, at this point, you will be enjoying every step of your journey will joining the dots towards leaving a legacy.

    That is the real meaning of life, to be able to do more while smiling more.

    You wanted to know how the rich managed to accumulate great wealth through great struggles while maintaining their strengh, and I just told you.

    Before you reach the the promised land, you will have to go through the desert.
    Your day to shine will come, but only after you have overcome the tribulations..

    We are sure that challenges will come in life, even if they don’t come, we will go looking for them.

    That is it.

    Only by overcoming challenges do we get to learn and be wiser.

    Do you you want to remain stupid forever?

    Me I want to learn, that is why I am going for new challenges dayly.

    Through challenges, we learn to aproach life systematically in one step at a time.

    A journey of a thousand kilometers starts with one step.
    You must add something everyday to your life that adds to the big goal.

    If you must stop, then, top to take a break but never quit.

    Socrates, the wisest man in the world, said, when he was asked the question how does a man reach his destiny, that, a man can reach his destiny if every step that he takes leads to that destiny.

    In line of that, make sure that you are not taking random steps, but you are taking steps that are leading you to your destiny.

    #3; Rewarding yourself, will it cost you anything?

    You labored the all day, there is nothing wrong if you reward yourself.

    Do you want to know how you can reward yourself in the best way after a job well done? Here is how!

    • Take a good meal tonight; You love yoghart? Me too! Why not buy one for yourself today? You’ve done a good job, cellebrate! Cheers.
    • Buy a new software; Now that you have complited the job successfully, why don’t you buy a software that will drastically reduce the manual work? Reward yourself with more time to focus on what is really important.
    • Go for a seminar; The joy of a victory is doubled by doing what can lead to the repeat of the same, trust you me, going out to that seminar may be a huge source of satisfaction and a brilliant way to reward yourself than just taking a relaxation break.
    • Buy a book; I understand that you love your job and you will be happy to have a book on that niche. Go, get one on kindle.
    • Take a break; Depending on the extent of the breakthrough, you can take a break in proportion to your accomplishment.
    • Take your family for an outing; This is a good way to make yourself relax because in one way, you are relaxing your musles and in another way, you are strenghthening the love bond of your family, is that not productivity?
    • Start a new venture; For examble, when I realise how good my writing skills had been improving over time, I decided to start another blog that will deal with how to be a better writer. This is a good way to reward myself because I will be learning new ways to be a good self-development writer as I teach what I love.
    • Narrow down; I wish to say goodbye to my other hustles and focus in writing this blog and freelancing in other sides once I succeed here! That way, I will be rewarding myself with an opportunity to focus only on what I truelly believe in. The more victories that you win, the more focused you ought to be.
    • Outsource; yes, outsourcing is a great way to reward your hard work, this is a creative way to earn from your creativity. You get to enjoy the joy of seing your business skyrocketting.
    • Do less; With outsourcing and narrowing down, you realise that you will be left with less to hundle, this way, you will have the opportunity to focus in the most essential part of your business, that is, growth.

      The above points clearly explains how you can treat yourself after a job well done.

      This technigues introduces a new concept, that you can reward yourself in a productive way.

      Many people do other things that may affect their health or the business at large in the name of rewarding themselves.

      Think of over drinking as an example, you greate addiction that may disturb your concentration in the future.

      The bottom line?

      It is a good idea to find a way to cellebrate our victories in a creative way that will benefit our future development.

      #4; Who said it is a crime to ask for help?

      Asking for help from friends, family and collegues is not a weekness.

      Provided it is for genuine reasons, you can go ahead.

      Don’t perish when you can servive.

      From laundry job to office work, you can get your family to assist you.

      This may help you to beat deadlines that you may thought imposible.

      While asking for help, ensure that you are not crossing the redline.

      The redline is that bourder where you start to be a parasite.

      Asking for help can reduce some of your work to even 50%.

      This is still productivity because you have accomplished the work that was demanded of you in time.
      If you do it well, you may even tighten the bond with those who over to assist you.

      Beware of “favour dept” .

      Most people will help you  for free. Others will do it for free, yes! But they demand that you return the favour in future.

      Like studend loans, “favour dept” must be repayed in future.

      You too can collect your dues.

      What do I mean by collecting dues? I mean that you have to ask for payback.

      You payed for someone fees, let them remember that favour.

      Do you want to leave it to God? Ok! You are still right.

      #5; Have you approached the task from a different angle?

      Just because you are busy doesn’t mean that you are going to be successful. 

      Hardwork is just one factor of success, there are other metrics that you have to get them right too in order to succeed.

      You have to be smart ( as we will explain below), dedicated, talented and passionate.

      This are not the only metrics, they are only the major ones.

      Get them right, especially at the start, and you will be a winner.

      This is how to save time, the only way to be productive.

      Don’t look for 

      There is no challenge that doesn’t have a solution.

      Never stop, never give up, imagine giving up is the easies way to lose all you have earned in the hard way.

      You see, that is not fair. It isn’t fair to lose all your invested time that easily.

      This is more painful when you realise that you would have done something to prevent it.

      Invest your wealth wisely, if you lose them, you are not only loosing the coins but the time used to gain that wealth too.

      It is uncommon to find employed graduates you land to a good job and stand misusing the money like right away.

      This graduates are productive in their offices.

      Yes they accomplish the tasks, they show up on time, they concentrate.

      The problem?

      Their efforts goes to wastage.

      All the huge rewards that they earn are mismanaged.

      The result?

      Life is wasted.


      All the life and efforts, from the school days to now are going to wastage.

      Therefore, productivity and time management should be approach from a wider point of view.

      Don’t just see productivity as the ability to accomplish tasks on time and taking new projects.

      Have a wider view.

      See productivity as the ability to take your life from one point to another by taking the small stels dayly and letting your efforts free you from hard labour over time.

      Productivity is that ability to achieve all that you are capable of over time.

      You are able to change your life, within you is all you need to live the life that you want.

      Choose freedom, go for greatness, make the best of your life.

      #6; Is it wrong to “just” finish the task?

      You have been busy the all day! 

      That is good, infact, bravo!

      But my question is this.

      Are you sure that what you are doing will make you reach one day?

      Do you want to be rich?

      I mean, are you working towards financial freedom?

      So, you want to know how to know if you are heading towards that freedom?

      Here is how!

      I will let you know.

      Be sure not to forget this.

      I know, I know…

      I understand that you can’t remember everything that we have said here for the next two yeard.

      Well, that is normal.

      What is serious is if you forget everything that we have been saying here.

      You will be wasting your time while trying to learn how to manage time.

      Remember this.

      Do something that has the potential to make you wealthy. Something that you know very well that if you get it right once, then, you are done, you have solved the equation of life.

      Don’t do very well a task that was not a must to be done.

      Give a priority to task that are important.

      Do less and concentrate to only those.

      If you are good in studies, go to school and land a good job.

      Incase you are a talented business man, find a way to launch your products and focus only on that.

      Sports, if your body is streamlined enough for sports, then, consider taking that part.

      In all situations, though, be a man of focus and commitment.

      Do away with too much clutter. Concentrate on what you are best in and be the best.

      Say no to some opportunities. Believe in your talents and gifts enough to norrow down.

      When you narrow down, you maxize your chances of success.

      After considering this, go back to your dayly routines and re-arrange your to-do list.

      Learn new habits and replace them with your old ones.

      Let the new habits and routines reflect your choosen path in life.

      #7; If you return for clarifigation, will you be imprisoned?

      Wait for details, if you never got it right, don’t fear to come and ask for clarifigation, nobody will imprison you for asking.

      They may imprison you for failing to meet the contract terms, but not for asking for clarifigation.

      Infact, when you come to ask for details, they may consider your seriousness, that way, you build a stronger bond.

      Ordinary country men will return to complain.

      That is an outdated way of getting your voice heard.

      We call this, in presise terms, a waste of time.

      Save your self a tone of callories of energy and a thousands of dollars time by knowing exactly what is reguired of you.

      You get to save 50% of your time by knowing exactly what is reguired from your work.

      If you are a student, you realise that you can increase your scores by upto 50% by reading the instructions carefully.

      Continue this habbit of reading the instructions and getting the real meaning of your demands.

      Before you start working on your personal projects, get into the routined of determining the end results before you start your journey.

      This way, the way of focusing on specific end results, is the short-cut to greatness.

      #8; Will you die if you abandone the project completely?

      You are in the community development comitee, the acting charman of the school bord of management and the director of the youth union.

      I mean, you are everywhere. While that may seem like service to yourself and to God. In real sence, you are wasting yourself and the value that you might have bring to the people.

      You feel overwhelmed and a sence of pressure is overtaking you. 

      All this have come with nithing to show for it.

      You sweat all day long but you still miss the badic needs.

      That is embarasing and frustrating.

      It would have been better to be poor knowing that you were relaxing.

      It is a high time that you get to think and find out how you arw going to get our of poverty.

      Let your brain work.

      Do away with liabilities.

      Hard work that is not paying back is a liability.

      cut out the work that is not neccesary.

      It is not neccesary to sit down the all day, you get exhousted for nothing.

      Walking around and visting old and forgeten friends the all holiday is a useless work. Find something creative to do.

      Playing your favourite game the all day is insanity. Find alternative work to engage in.

      If you must pass time, pass it doing something constructive. In alk matters, time is passing. The difference? You get bore in the former.

      Just because you are busy, doesn’t mean you are going to be rich.

      Doing the important think rightly is the way to success.

      Avoid doing many things wrong, so that when you get few things right, then you are somewhere.

      The shortest way to avoid doing many things wrong is to cut down on the things that you do.

      Have few friends, but reliable ones.

      Build strong relationships, you will need them during your hard times.

      Get down to ficusing only on the most important things in life.

      Value and concentrate in building few virtues and values.

      Be honest and focus in building a strong character around honesty.

      Let your life represent the highest level of honesty ( any othey value can do ).

      It is easy to stand out and to achieve one thing at a time.

      Therefore, continue narrowing down, don’t stop untill you find something that is worth living for, something that is worth dying for and soend the rest of your life trying to realise it.

      Are you a coward? No? Then, focus on what you believe is good work without fearing poverty or the so called shame.

      This is your life, you can decide to do what you want to do with it or you can let others dictate the terms to lead your life.

      Like a sodier, there is no going back once you have started.

      #9; Are there provisions that say you cannot postpond the deadline?

      I know that you are working with deadlines.

      That is good.

      You have planned your day, week and the month in general.

      Keep it up.

      Few people ever get to that level, they never control there days, they let fate do so.

      While what you have done is good, you should look out, look out to perfectionism.

      Don’t try to be a perfectionist.

      Allow time for adjustment and never be too harsh to yourself for not hitting the target on time.

      When the task is due on friday, do not push yourself to be through on tuesday with the expence of hurting yourself.

      Be firm, yes, but also, be realistic.

      You can adjust the deadline, you can make it to suit your speed. Yes! Your speed, not someones.

      Provided that you are not wasting time and you are doing your best, consider adding sometime to your hours.
      Forcing yourself to be through on time will only result in headaches that will help force you to do the neccesary.

      In case the office protocol dictates that the work should be through by a given date, consider adjusting your personal schedule.

      Push the laundry to tomorrow morning, change the menu; cook something easy today.

      Never overstrain, remember, you don’t exist to accumulate wealth, you exist to enjoy and learn from every moments of your life.

      I belief that it is your responsibilty to find out how to find a work life balance.

      True wealth is when you accumulate what you need to leave a comfortable life without compromising your right to enjoy the gift of life.

      You have come to this site, you will get the tools that you need to achieve all this.

      Remember, it is not wise to succumb to high blood pressure in the name of looking for wealth.

      You can never be steady and die of poverty.

      Be bright enough to believe that there is no poverty for those who are steady with their work.

      Wake up early, work steadily, do not rush, do not be too slow, love and use your brain to think and you will never be under any pressure to meet the deadline.

      Watch you favourite Tv show but never watch all the shows.

      Play your favourite game but never play all day long.

      Do your best job, but never work all the day.

      Love your work, but never love all the works around.

      Be serious but do not be a workerholic.

      I mean…

      In all that you do. Never over do it.

      If you read this things and but them to practice, your days will be meaningful again.

      I said again because I remember my youthful days, those days when I was but a small boy.

      Now, I want you to recall those days too.

      You enjoyed every moment of your life. You were not under any pressure, you had big dreams and good hope for the future.

      Those day were honourable and admirable in deed.

      Is it possible to re-claim them?


      It is possible. But only if you do the neccesary. Only if you follow what we have say here.

      #10; Do you think you can substitute hardwork? Really?


      You can’t.

      There is no way you can expect to to win a battle without fighting.

      It is a reality of nature that you must do the practice, overcome the temptation to give up and show up for the fight.

      Life is hard, once you know this, you prepare yourself to overcome the frustrations of life.

      You can’t run from reality, that is a waste of time, why? Because on day, you will still have to come back to face it.

      Face life as it is with a firm resolve to emerge victirious.

      Nothing, not even one, can held you down from reaching your goals if you have the passion to fight on and the willingness to put in the hard work.

      Show up for work. 

      Believe you me, if you do a good work everyday, there is no wayyou cannot be successful someday.

      I want you to know that I believe in you, I believe that you are a man of action and not a coward. I believe that yoy are not going to die a poor man. You will rise up and do somethimg great.yes! Despite the cryisis of today and tomorrow, I believe that at the end of the day, you will be the head and not the tail.

      Make good use of your days, put in the effort. 

      Let your dreams be a reality.

      Do your work today as if tomorrow will not come.

      That hardwork, the ability to do today all that you can do is the only way you will make the best of your time on earth.

      With these competition, you will need to put in the extra-hours.

      That means that you will have few hours on bed. Ugh! You will have few hours to gossib.

      While that may seem harsh in the beggining, you will have something to cellebrate at the end.

      You will have a comfortable house to lie your mind, a new car to help you remember that a new day has come and a happy family to glorify God.

      Hardwork is part of life.

      Choose to see working as a necessary way to make you younger, healthier and creative.

      This way, you will love to struggle. 

      Inculgate hardwork to your dayly routine.

      Work well done is a life well lived.

      Hardwork plus, creativity, is the way to greatness.

      Work hard today so that you may work harder tomorrow.

      With less pain and frustration, you will be able to climp more higher mountains tomorrow.

      When you get used to your work, you get to do it with more ease.

      Today, you are working to hit the deadlines because you are not yet stable.

      A day will come when you wilk be working not for servival but for leisure.

      Have you ever realised that you can’t be idle the all day and still feel comfortable?

      That means that a man was formed to work, the sooner you love working, the earlier you enjoy the gift of life.

      I worked around the globe, I found no substitute for hardwork, so, work hard young man.

      I read all good books, but I found no substitute for dedication, so, be dedicated to your art, sister.

      Bonus tip…

      #11; Are you still 100% sure that you are working “smart”?

      The sun rotates, from east to west, days come and go, years are passing so first.

      You were young, now, you are old.

      The dreams of your youthful days are passing you and you cannot believe it.

      This, my friend, is what we call life.

      Be off-guard, even a single moment, and many things passes you.


      This is the time to reclaim your possition.

      To do that, you will have to work hard and smart.

      Your goals must be specific, they have to be measurable, attainable, realistic and of course, time bond.

      All this metrics must be observed, and there is no short cut around it.

      Before the end of this year, you should be showing a great sign of  positive change.

      You should have changed the direction of your life.

      This is not only important for your well being, but also, for your servival.

      Be sure of your natural potentialities, believe in your dreams and never stop reaching for more.

      With a heart that believes, mind that thinks and hands that are willing to work, you will lack what you need in life.

      Plan your days well, as we have said. Let your goals be smart ad a prove that you badly need what you are going for.

      They say that, if you want something badly enough, you are sure to get it.



      1. Full of information. This is an inspirational article for me. Great work to discussed 10 beautiful ways to increase productivity. Thanks a lot.


      2. Lots of effort went into this piece. Tons of good advice. Each list item deserved its own post. I liked the “Push the laundry to tomorrow morning, change the menu; cook something easy today.” advice.

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      3. Thanks Naftali, for following, one request you , probably you have followed my old blog which I have migrated to self hosted blog. So please follow so that we can be in touch always as you and me are in same platform. Thanks once again, I must go through your nice blog and let you know.

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      4. Hello my friend. Truthfully speaking, this is a very good post. But the length. It’s good for many readers, but do you think many people would have a whole 12 minutes to read this? I’m not saying you should change the method, if that’s what you want. It’s just an observation. Notwithstanding, this is a great post!

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        1. Long time my friend, nice to see you here again.

          I know it is a weekend and you are free as you said. Thanks for keeping your words.

          About the length. . .

          My plan was to write one blog post per week.

          To stand out and be of help to my friends, I thought I should take the time to write a really long post.

          3000 words blog post equal to 10 pages of a book.

          10 blog posts will give me a 100 page book.

          My plan is to write a book in form of a blog posts, one chapter at a time.

          Thank you for observing this, I will try to make the post as useful as possible so that those who dare to read will get the value of their time

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