How to overcome distractions; Top 10 ways to improve your concentration.

What is here? In this post, you will learn the top 10 ways to improve your concentration. This techniques and motivation will help you to overcome distractions in your pursuit for success.

    You get to decide where your time goes. You can either spend it moving forward, or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide. And if you don’t decide, others will decide for you. [ Tony Morgan]

    The following questions will help you to figure out if you are putting off fires or you are building the furure that you want.

    1. What do you want to accomplish?
    2. When should you be done?
    3. Why are you distracted?
    4. Which hobbies should you forego
    5. How will you overcome time wasters?
    6. Are there side-hustles that are holding you back?
    7. Can you overcome them?
    8. Is it possible to to accomplish all the distractors first?
    9. Do you have  a coach?
    10. Bonus tip; Can you develop new habbits?

    #1; What do you want to accomplish?

    • Before you understand the effect of distractions, you first have to know what you are supposed to be doing.
    • Are you working towards a higher rank at work? Or are you toiling to earn a degree?
    • Whatever the case, you have to know what you really want to accomplish.
    • You may be having long term goals like building a bungalow or short term aspirations like finishing daily home duties.
    • All this will require that you work hard to minimize distractions and maximize productivity.
    • Therefore, it is wise and essential that you identify what needs to be done so that you can focus entirely on that projects.
    • List down the destiny that you are heading to.
    • Priorities/juctions vary depending on the direction that you are taking.
    • Those who want to be profesors will have different priorities compare to those who want to be gurus, and those who want to take their busuness to onother level.
    • It is also important that you realise the stage of development that you are in.
    • When you are launching a start up, your schedules will be different from those who want to take there business international.
    • Are you getting my point here?
    • All I mean is that you have to be personal.
    • Be yourself.
    • Do what you think in a good way to spend your time.
    • This blog exist to help you to overcome procrastination and to utilize your days more skillfully.
    • If you have been following this blog for a while now ( you can click the follow button at the bottom to start following ) you will realize that I have been stressing the importance of following your passion so much.
    • And to re-emphasise, I will remind you to love what you are doing, then, do it over and over again untill you are used to it, that is how you develop a passion.
    • Concentrate on accomplishing your passions, let your life be dedicated to that mission.
    • If you want to be remembered for being a business man, then set rules and guidelines to direct you towards that end.
    • Do you you aspire to be remembered for certain values? Like honesty? Then start being honest today.
    • Holding other factors constant, there is that single most talent that you wish to surface. That one goal that you want to dare to chase in life.
    • Hope for the best and work your plans, success is just but at the end of this journey.
    • The best way to spend your gift of life is to do a really good work.
    • To do a good work, you will have to stand out from the crowd.
    • Gather enough confidence to go for what you belief that it belongs to you.
    • Good health, stable family, financial success and a few more goodies belongs to you.
    • Make yourself believe that it belongs to you and you will get them.
    • You desearve to learn from your dayly challenges and you have the right to go through hardship because without hard days, you may not be strong enough to climp the mountains a head.
    • Look around and notice instandly that no one is perfect, never waste time to move forward by fearing what people will say. Get down to work and accomplish your work on this earth.
    • Your work is to make this world a better place than you found, that, you achieve by fixing your eyes on your goals.

    #2; When should you be done?

    • There are projects that need to be accomplished in the next one month, incase you still have enough time, then work with your base.
    • Those projects that is due on few days should be given the highest priority.
    • Sometime you may be thinking that you are slow but in real sence you are pressing yourself too much.
    • Ascertain the argency and the importance of a task before you blame your rate.
    • Last minute rush is a huge source of distraction.
    • For those who work under pressure, they find it easier to give there best fashion of their work at the last minute.
    • This will ensure that you focus on the urgent work in expence of the important task at that last time.
    • Though this may look like the best way to spend time, you will realize that in the long run, you will always be under pressure to workloards.
    • This will not be good for your health and for your work life balance.
    • Never start a project without a deadline.
    • Deadlines will keep you on track, they help you to organise your days.
    • To plan your life if to take control of your future.
    • Allocate time to projects depending on there signifigance.
    • Setting a time limit to your day to day endervours will help you to know when to quite and when you arw a winner.
    • At times, there are things that you need to give up and victories that you need to cellebrate. All this are determined at the end of the set time.
    • With a time limit, the process of dividing the huge projects into sub-sections for easier hundling becames even earsier.
    • Working with a time limit will enable you to have reasonable breaks in between your tasks as you know what and when to finish the task.
    • In general, organising your game plan starts with understanding the resources that you have from man-power to time resource.
    • Yes! You heard it, time is a resource.
    • It is a free resource that you should use your prowess to utilize.
    • As a resource, you can use your time to build wealth or to let poverty 

    #3; Why are you distracted?

    • You cannot be distracted without your concent if you know what you want.
    • The first step in overcoming distraction ( as we have said ) is to know what you are supposed to be doing.
    • The second step is to know the reason why you are being distracted.
    • Remember, once you are distracted, you prolong the time needed to finish a task and that will yield to procrastination.
    • Do you love watching the Tv so much?
    • Is the work too difficult to accomplish?
    • Or is it general weakness that is keeping you from doing your work to the best?
    • You have got to dig deep to find the roots of all this.
    • It is better to do what you love, you will not get bored doing it and hence, you will not be distracted a lot.
    • Set time to relax, imagine your body will be more active if you take short breaks.
    • It will do you no good if you became a workaholic, give yourself time for holiday.
    • Fear can put you off.
    • Is it a major paper that you are preparing for? Or, is it just an 100 pg essay? Maybe it is a practical report?
    • Whatever it is? You have to deal with it by first overcoming it’s fear.
    • #4; Which hobbies should you forego?
    • At other times, there are other hobbies that will hinder you.
    • Do you “wine”?
    • There are other hobbies that can distract you away from your core values.
    • Thought you may not do away from them, but you can limit yourself or find another time for them.
    • Take time at night after work, push those moments to weekends and you will be good to go.
    • Distractions by hobbies are more pronounced in people who had such aspirations when they were young.
    • You wanted to be a footballer but things never went your way. So you have not given up the gravitation.
    • Change your mind and make your hobby your main source of income.
    • Don’t switch from task to task, don’t move to and from hobby to work.
    • Your concentration will server greatly.

    #5; How can you avoid time wasters?

    • Time bandits are around us, they may be our spources, our parents or our work colleques.
    • It will be very hard to avoid them all together, but it is good to negotiate with them.
    • Let them know when you will be busy that you need your own tine to do what is essential and most important to you.
    • If they agree, then, you will be lucky to find a conducise time to finish a lot of work.
    • In case you want to be more accurate, then let them have your time table.
    • They will know you are out for lunch at noon and they will not bother to call in.
    • At mid-morning, they will understand that you are meeting cliants and supplyers will not call in.
    • This technique is even more applicable to those people with offices.
    • Just pin the memo on the door and you are done.

    #6; Are there side-hustles that are holding you back?

    • Balancing your day job plus your side hustle can be the leading cause of  distraction.
    • You get less sleep and you start sleeping or being less productive the following day.
    • The mind may not be fully engaged with the work at hand and you start switching from thoughs to thoughts.
    • This will go a long way to distrupting your mental stability.
    • Find a side hustle that is closely related to your day job.
    • Just decide what is best for you and major on one task.

      #7; How can you overcome them?

      • Now that you have listed the all caurses of distractions, it is time to figure out the best way to overcome them.
      • Use your brain, the most important thing is that you became concious of your time wastage.
      • Overcome each obstacle one step at a time.
      • Don’t rush, aproach the issue systematically.
      • Ones you have done a soul search, it becames easy to counter-attack.

      #8; Is it possible to accomplish to done all the disractions first?

      • There is no need to keep on fiddling with what you can bush aside.
      • Is it social media or other tasks that is distracting you?
      • There are many addicts that will not alow you to concentrate.
      • Maybe you cannot settle before you update your blog, or maybe you feel disconnected when you switch of your facebook.
      • Whatever the case, find out if it is possible to re-shedule your list so that you finish the disractors to done before you dive into the most argent task.


        #10; Do you have a coach?

        • With a seasoned coach, you will get tips and secrets to overcome distractions.
        • You don’t need to spent zillions of minutes and gallons of efforts researching.
        • If you read good books and follow a good trainer, you will overcome distractions with less hustle.
        • Supscribe to my blog and you will get and email every thursday on how to manage time.
        • This blog is formed to help me and my friends to overcome procrastination.
        • Do you want to save upto 6hrs dayly?
        • Then, follow this blog, we work day and night to ensure that you stay motivated and productive thus making the best of your days.

        Bonus tip…

        #11; Can you develop new habits?

        • As we have just said, the greatest source of distraction is yourself.
        • You are allowing the urge to engage on other activities because you love them.
        • When you are used to something, it becames hard to do without it.
        • But the good news is that there is salvation.
        • You can still save yourself by learning new habits.
        • Love what you do exprcially what is helping you to move forward and do it with all you heart untill it becomes a new hobby.


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