How the poor waste their time unconciously. ( 5 min read )

What is here? In this post, you will discover how the poor waste their time and how you can save yours.

Answere the following questions and you may be in your way to millionaire club.

  1. Do you normally finish your tasks?
  2. Are you doing the simple or the hard things?
  3. Are you doing the urgent or the important tasks?
  4. Are you running business or spectating on social media?
  5. Is your work helping you to leave a legacy or to pay the bills?
  6. Are you in a well paying career or a poverty hatching?
  7. Are you analogue or digital?
  8. Do you blame others or do you held yourself accountable?
  9. Are you waiting for the right time or are you starting small?
  10. Do you compete with your potential or are you competing with others?
  11. Bonus tip;  How many times have you been told no?

#1; Do you finish your tasks?

  • Many people are poor today because they always start doing what is right. When the going gets tough, they run away.
  • You see, the easiest way to waste time is to run away.
  • And the bad thing about this behaviour is that it is simple.
  • Because it is simple, every body can do it.
  • Once you ran, you condition your mind to be a “runner” so that you will always be elluding the most important tasks.
  • The rich have discovered otherwise.
  • That the only way to succeed is to hold on.
  • By  holding on, they never have anything to regreat.

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      #2; Are you doing the simple or the hard things?

      • Success is always hidding in what seems like hard work.
      • Most people will prefere to do the simple work.
      • Those who are brave enough to go for what seems to be the hardest are the ones who mostly, if not always, get the best.
      • Decide to undertake a path that scares you the most, why? Because you may get the most from there.
      • Just fall in today and set your all mind and heart to it. And you will be a victor.
      • It is better to spend years looking for gold because the moment you get, you are done with this race.
      • Therefore, to save time, or to utilize time well, you have got to be sure to be doing the really worthy investment of your life.
      • You are the captain anyway. Choose what you want to do with it. But choose very wisely.

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            #3; Do you do the urgent or the important tasks?

            • You may be thinking that you will be rich but poverty is awaiting you.
            • That is a single most painful reality of life.
            • Today as we speak. There are alot  of youths who think that they will be madly rich soon. But poverty is awaiting them  just in the door step.
            • Now, the question is, what are you willing to do today so that you do not be one of them tomorrow?
            • Are you going to do what will satisfy you today or are you going to pay the prize so that you smile tomorrow?
            • Concentrate on what must be done to change life ones and for all.
            • Go for a project that you know you can make you a millionaire.
            • Stay around this project. Speak to yourself. Motivate yourself about this project. Say that dispite what people thing of me, I am going to use my time most profitable.
            • If you are courageous enough, then deliver your promise. Do the unexpected, change and be a good boy, change and start using your time well.

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                    #4; Are you running business or spectating on social media?

                    • You have an opportunity to build a brand here on social media.
                    • Use it to shine, not to rote.
                    • Spend your time learning new but important skills.
                    • Do not run away from reality. It is very hard to servive in our today world without a strong social prove.
                    • If you are already in, then good work. Keep learning. Keep fighting. You are doing a good work.
                    • Do not be part of the consumers, be part of the producers.
                    • Why?
                    • Because the consumer gives but the producer receive.

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                          #5; Is your work helping you to leave a legacy or to pay the bills?

                          • One characteristic of successful people is that they are courageous.
                          • They are willing to take the risk.
                          • They take the risk that are worthy. 
                          • A day will come when you will have to decide where you want to belong.
                          • You will choose to be on the bottom, the middle or the top.
                          • But you should also remember one thing.
                          • You should remember that the comfort is at the top.
                          • Spend your time climping up. Once you are there, you can relax for the rest of your life.
                          • Try to play save today, and you may play save for the rest of your time.
                          • History is full of evidence of all that we have said.
                          • We have seen people who became cracy enough to think they can change the would, and, alas! They did.
                          • If you want to use your time well, you must start by first believing that you can change your world.
                          • You can change your life, you can change your family, you can change your nation. There is no other way to spend time wisely than to do this.

                              #6; Are you in a well paying career or a poverty hatching?

                              • Maybe you are just starting out and you have  to use it as a stepping stone.
                              • Use that career that is not the best for you to look for other meaningful career.
                              • There is no way you can spend you time doing what can not pay you back.
                              • Stop the issues of passions. You can develop other passions along the way.
                              • Go for what can prove to be worth your life.
                              • You do not want to be a begger for ever, right?
                              • Then go out there and prove it by fighting for your possition.
                              • Maybe you want to be your own boss. All is possible for those who believe.
                              • Snatch what is rightfully yours, stop complaining. Life is too short to be always complaining.

                                  #7; Are you analogue or digital?

                                  • I read many biographies and I realise many things.
                                  • You can’t sit around and wait to be successful.
                                  • There is no way you can just relax while others are fighting and expect to be a winner.
                                  • You have to move with the world.
                                  • If you cannot be the one leading the innovation, then atleast accept it.
                                  • Learn to automate your processes.
                                  • Save time by using the technology to your advantage, struggle. Do not give up that easily.

                                      #8; Do you blame others or do you account for your mischieves?

                                      • Nothing is so easier that pointing blames to others.
                                      • It is the natural characteristics of failures to distant themselves from there mistakes.
                                      • You waste time and the opportunity to learn something new by not accepting your mistakes.
                                      • That is being stupid.
                                      • How can you take all the credit whenever you find one and refuse all the blames even the ones you know you are responsible for? That is not fair.
                                      • The world will always reward it’s students.
                                      • Fail, accept, learn something and move on.

                                          #9; Are you waiting for the right time or are you starting small?

                                          • Take it from there, stop waiting for another opportunity. That other opportunity may not come.
                                          • There is trouble every where, move on from where you are and start from zero to somewhere.
                                          • Great people will take advange of opportunities and use it to their advantage.
                                          • Exeptional people start from zero and create an opportunity for many people.
                                          • Therefore, be exeptional.
                                          • Start from zero, from just a dream and create an opportunity for many.

                                                #10; Do you compete with your potential or with others?

                                                • This life is yours and you have to make it the one that you want.
                                                • It is a complete waste of time to start competing with others.
                                                • Just focus in maximizing your potential. 
                                                • Mind your own business.
                                                • Your friends will succeed today, tomorrow will be your day.
                                                • Every dog has it’s day.
                                                • Focus on what count as you wait for your day to dawn.
                                                • That day will only dawn in respect to your hardwork and efficiency.
                                                • It will come just because you defeated your friends.

                                                    #11; How many times have you been told no?

                                                    • If you have not received alot of no, that may mean that you have not been trying hard enough.
                                                    • Untill you are used to being told no! You may not get used to it.
                                                    • Get used to hearing a no, and you will learn how to deal with it.
                                                    • Don’t give up when you are rejected. 
                                                    • As we have always sayed. You loose alot by giving up.
                                                    • But do not confuse giving up with starting again.
                                                    • When you start again, you are not giving up but you are going another step forward.

                                                    Recommended Book. “you too can fly”; get the right mind-set to save time and to be more productive instantly.

                                                            In the comments box, let us know how you intend to save your time this year.



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